A Wild One in Queens Last Night
May 12th, 2010 by slangon

Every once in a while, I feel like I need to take a break from watching baseball. I’m way too emotional of a fan, and following a team like the Mets can be extremely stressful at time, even when the win. But I can’t do it. I think I have a problem.

Starter Jon Niese had gotten smacked around pretty good by the Washington bats. That, coupled with the fact that the Mets continued to put a ton of guys on base without being able to get the big hit to drive them in led to the Mets entering the bottom of the 8th with the score standing at 6-2 in Washington’s favor. They were able to erupt for 6 runs against the Nationals bullpen in that frame to hand an 8-6 lead to Frankie Rodriguez in the 9th. K-Rod successfully shut the door to save the game.

Obviously, when Ike Davis made another circus catch for the final out, I was jumping up and down in blissful ecstasy. Later on, as I was watching the highlights during the post-game show after the adrenaline had worn off a little, I started to think about the fact that had the Mets gotten a very workman-like, non-dramatic win I would’ve been happy of course, but I would not have been anywhere near as excited. Why is watching 7 plus innings of frustrating, poorly played baseball so much more fun to watch than 9 full innings of well-played, no doubt ball?

Sometimes I wish I was more of an analytical, Saber-metrics kind of fan. Then maybe I would just take the games for what they are and not get so pissed off and surly. What fun would that be though? I mean, when I think about it, the whole reason I’m a Mets fan to begin with is based on emotional, non-rational decisions. Like a lot of people, I’m a Mets fan because my dad was a Mets fan. He was a Mets fan because he used to be a huge New York Giants fan when he was a kid and got pissed at them when the left for California. Needing a new team to root for, he sure as hell wasn’t going to switch his allegiances to the Yankees, so he latched onto the Mets, no matter how terrible they were in the beginning (and several times since).

I think being an emotional fan as opposed to an analytical fan also makes me a terrible fantasy baseball GM as well. I’m constantly drafting guys based on gut feelings rather than really looking at the numbers. I’m always picking guys like Daniel Murphy, because he’s gritty. Most fantasy leagues don’t count grittiness in the scoring.

Anyway, all that being said, I will try to analyze what I felt good about in last nights win.

Jason Bay and David Wright both went 3 for 4 with only 1 strikeout between them. That’s obviously huge if those two guys are starting to come out of it. Wright’s hitting was especially big because twice he drove balls the other way for doubles. Every analysis of him I’ve ever heard always says that that’s how you know Wright is locked in, when he hit’s the other way for power. Hopefully that’ll stick. On a more non-rational side, in the second inning, he lined one up the middle that banged off of pitcher Olsen’s ankle, sending Scott to the ground in pain. It appears that the scouting report on David is that since being beaned last year, he’s awfully jumpy with being pitched inside. Olsen pitched him in really tight a few times, as have a lot of pitchers lately, so I like to think that Wright aimed that hit in retaliation.

The bullpen had another good night, lead once again by Takahashi. They went 3.2 scoreless innings. After all the doubt coming into the season as to how reliable they were going to be, it’s good to see them holding up so far, despite a few hiccups. Of course, with Ollie Perez still in the starting five, I can see them getting awfully overworked real quick. Thankfully, Igarashi is allegedly coming back soon, so that’ll help.

Chris Carter is not Frank Catalalonotto. Nothing against Frank. He seems like a good guy who is from New York and was genuinely excited to play for the hometown team. He was just not getting it done. If Carter does nothing else all season, he’s already ahead of Catalalonotto.

I’m really hoping that they can get this game in this afternoon. I’m sure it’s much easier to ride the momentum of a win like that when you get back on the field as soon as possible. It was raining here in New York earlier, but it seems to be pretty good now. They’re supposed to start in about an hour, so we’ll see what happens. Pelfrey bounced back pretty well his last start after that rough one in Philly, so hopefully he can keep that up and the bats can keep up what they did in the 8th last night.

We shall see.

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