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May 4th, 2010 by slangon

Like most collectors, whenever I cruise around eBay, it’s usually with some specific goal in mind. Personally as of late, my searches revolve around either the 1960 Topps set or older Mets cards. Often times in the course of executing those searches I stumble on cards that I would not have necessarily thought of tracking down but are pretty awesome none-the-less. Most times I just say “Wow, that’s a cool card.” and keep moving. Sometimes however the combination of the the cards coolness, a low price, no current bids and not much time left on the auction prove to be too tempting. Whenever that perfect storm occurs I will place a low bid and hope for the best. If I win, I win. If not, no biggie.

This lot of cards were the result of one of those perfect storms.

First up was a pretty nice looking 1962 Topps Orlando Cepeda.

One of my sort of sub-sub-goals in collecting is trying to get at least one card of every Hall of Famer. I’m 99% sure that this is my first and only card of Orlando Cepeda. Oddly enough, I think this might be the only non-Met that I have from the 1962 set. I think I’ve said in the past that I was never a super huge fan of the ’62 set, but I think it’s been growing on me lately. You can see that some of the edges are a bit chewed up and it’s pretty well off-centered, but other than that, it’s in pretty nice condition.

I always love getting a card of a player the year after a monster season. That’s a pretty sweet stat line that Orlando put up in 1961. I was a little surprised to see that he played so much first base during the span of 1960-64 considering the Giants had a young Willie McCovey on the team. Apparently, Orlando was the primary first sacker up until the ’65 season when Willie took over. That must’ve been tough for Bill Rigney. Hmmm, which Hall of Fame first baseman do I start today? Orlando Cepeda or Willie McCovey? I was also surprised to see Martin Landau giving him his home run trophy on the back of the card.

What was especially cool about this particular eBay auction was that as cool as that Cepeda card is, it was not even the reason I decided to bid on it.

This was.

Yessir. A beat to hell well loved 1956 Topps Gil Hodges. This was the card that really caught my eye and made me pull the trigger on this lot, which is sort of funny when you compare the condition of the two. Aside from being in my opinion one of the cooler looking Topps sets of the ’50’s, it’s Gil Hodges. One of the Boys of Summer. The man who led my beloved Mets to their first World Championship. The man who, aside from Duke Snider, hit the most home runs and had the most RBI’s during the decade of the 50’s. Another reason I really love this card is because it’s the first and only Brooklyn Dodger in my collection from the days when they actually were still in Brooklyn.

I also really love the middle cartoon of Gil peppering that store or bar or whatever that establishment is with home run balls. No matter how beat this card is, it has jumped straight into the top 5 favorite cards in my collection.

Can you believe I won these for only $0.99? Crazy.

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  1. Love that Gil Hodges. Perfect cards suck.

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