Card of the Moment #22
April 21st, 2010 by slangon

I’m really curious to know how the Mets will be doing. I guess by the time you read this, they’ll be back at Citi Field, halfway through a 4 game series with the Cubs. Man, I hope they did well on that road trip. I don’t know if I can deal with another lost season. C’mon boys. Let’s pick it up!

And now, a card.

2007 Topps Turkey Red #110 Daisuke Matsuzaka Ad Back

Man I love Turkey Reds. They’re the coolest. A while back, right around when I first got back into collecting I was a sucker for those repack deals where you get 10 or so assorted packs for $10 or however much they charges for them. This came out of the very first pack of Turkey Reds I encountered in one of those. Oddly enough, at some point I got a pack of 2007 Goudey in one of those as well and I got a Dice-K Heads Up SP out of that one. What’re the odds?

As much as I love the Turkey Reds, I think Topps did a good thing by just making them a perennial insert rather than their own set. I feel like it started to get a little monotonous. For some reason they don’t seem that way when released as inserts. I think part of the problem is that you can’t really go too far with that particular design. At least they mix it up a bit by throwing in retired players and more or less mix up the players they feature every year.

In the 2 years that they’ve released it as an insert, I’ve always been glad to pull any of them but never really tried to finish the set. I think I might take a page from the book of Dayf and just make me a Frankenstein set. I’ll get a binder and have cards 1-100, but it won’t really matter to me what year they’re from. As long as they’re cool. But if I need someone to fill in spot #27 and Aubrey Huff is all I got, I’ll suspend the cool rule. Until a better #27 comes along that is.

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