An Old Time TTM Success
March 13th, 2010 by slangon

2010 SlangKo Award Winners Marty Marion

Here we have a very nice looking (if I do say so myself) autographed custom of one Mr. Marty Marion. I was kind of especially excited to get this TTM request back successfully. I tend to get a little more excited about autographs the further back the particular players active years go. Marty played from 1940 through 1953. That’s pretty far back. He wasn’t part of the Gashouse Gang, but he’s old enough that he played with several members of the Gashouse Gang, including Pepper Martin and Joe Medwick.

I think the fact that Marty won the MVP speaks to how much the game has changed over the years as far as expectations from certain positions. These days, although shortstop is not necessarily a power position like first base, you certainly expect a little more out of your shortstop than just slick defensive play. I guess we can thank the Cal Ripkens and Derek Jeters and Nomars and A-Rods for that.

Back in 1944, the season that he won the MVP, Marty batted .267 with 6 homers and 63 RBI. Not exactly the numbers you’d expect from an MVP winner.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! That card is great! I love the award winners series! I have no idea where to get former players addresses from… You have probably posted this, but unless they are spoonfed to me, I never get it. Anyway, the card is awesome! Having an auto from the 1944 MVP is bad ass! Great job!

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