An MVP Caliber TTM Success
March 2nd, 2010 by slangon

2010 SlangKo Award Winners Al Rosen

This one was another pretty quick turn around. It took a total of 8 days for this card to travel from me to Mr. Rosen, him open it, sign it, put it back in the mail and come back to New Jersey. Way to go, USPS.

Al Rosen played 10 years in the Major Leagues, spending his entire career in Cleveland. He played in four straight All-Star games, from 1952 through 1955.

Lifetime, he hit .285 with 192 dingers and 717 runs batted in. That all might not sound too impressive, but keep in mind that was only over a 10 year career, and on top of that he only played a combined total of 35 games over his first 3 years. So really, that’s over the course of 7 years. According to Baseball Reference, his 162 game average is .285 BA, 30 HR and 111 RBI.

Of course his big year came in 1953 when he won the American League MVP award. That year he hit .336, with a league leading 43 home runs, while driving in 145, which led the majors. That year, Al also lead the league in slugging percentage, OPS, runs scored. total bases and extra base hits. As a matter of fact, he missed out on the triple crown by 1 point, to Mickey Vernon’s .337 batting average.

Also, aside from signing the custom card that I sent him, Mr. Rosen also sent back a signed Diamond Signatures card for me.

I’d call that a pretty good success.

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  1. Beautiful card and super success story! Good Job!

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