A Trade with a Dude Named Matt
March 1st, 2010 by slangon

A while back, when I posted my 2010 Topps needs, reader Matt had contacted me about trading for some cards I needed. I gave him a handful of base cards and in exchange he hit me up with some Mets inserts that I had my eye on. He also offered a nice little surprise. In light of my recent re-focusing of my collecting habits, this was a very good trade for me because I sent a bunch of base cards and got back fewer, cooler cards.

Here’s the three inserts he sent me.

When I first started getting ’10 Topps, I thought the Legendary Lineage inserts were pretty cool, but had just planned on tracking down whichever cards were of Mets. Now that I’ve bought a bunch of packs though,I kind of want to finish out this set. I think I might be right around halfway done, so we’ll see. I do think they’re much cooler though when both dudes are from the same team, but I guess I have no complaints about pairing Jose Reyes with Ozzie Smith. But the way, the Mets had they’re first intra-squad game today and Reyes smoked the first pitch of his first at bat for a triple. I’m getting excited to watch him play (hopefully) a full season.

It actually irks me a little to see The Franchise paired up with Roy Halladay. Not that I have anything against Roy, I think he’s an awesome pitcher. I just liked him a whole lot better before he became a Phillie. At least he’s shown as a Blue Jay here. Still, what’s wrong with having a Seaver / Santana card? I guess it’s against the rules to pair a lefty and a righty.

I really like the Piersall card too. I’ve always been a little fascinated by him just because he was so weird. Even though he was a Met for about a minute, it’s cool that one of his weirder moments happened in a Mets uniform. I would just like to point out though that I made that card last year. Take that Topps.

And now for the extra surprise.

When Matthew emailed me, he told me what cards he was looking for and what he had to trade me and then added

P.S. If it sweetens the deal I have a David Wright Peak Performance jersey card that came out of the pack with a nice gunky smudge on it that I can’t get off….

Now I’m not one to turn down a relic card, even if it does have a nice gunky smudge, especially when it’s D-Wright, so I said “Sure, I’ll take that gunky jersey off your hands.” When I got it though, I could barely see any smudge. The only way I could see it was by reflecting light off the glossy finish. You can’t even see on the scan. The “smudge” is right below his hand on the left side of the card. So smudge or no smudge, I’d say that’s a pretty good pick up. I remember watching that All-Star game, too and being supper jazzed that he hit that homer.

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  1. Big, gunky smudge aside…that’s a nice card.

  2. Hey Sean, glad to see you got the cards OK. True, you can’t really see the smudge, but you can feel it and in the right light you can see the thumbprint — it’s like someone at Topps stuck their thumb in model glue before inserting the card in the pack. If I were the type to buy a hobby box just to get the BIG MOJO HIT, I would have been p.o.’d big time.

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