My First Million Card Trade
February 22nd, 2010 by slangon

No, I did not trade someone for 1,000,000 cards. I finished my first Million Card Giveaway trade.

As you may or may not recall, one of the cards that I unlocked in the Million Card Giveaway was a 1966 Ken Harrelson. Now, I know I’ve been on a big vintage kick lately and my collection of vintage cards has grown quite a bit over the last few months, but my collection of non-Mets vintage cards is still pretty thin, so I was a little surprised to see that out of all the cards I could’ve possibly gotten, it was one that I already had. I mean, if I had gotten a double of any card from 1984 through 1989 or so, I could understand it. When I only own a handful of cards from ’66, what are the odds that I would get one I already had?

No big deal though. I guess that’s why Topps built trading into this promotion. After several unsuccessful attempts at trading for different cards I needed, I was able to swap Ken out for a ’67 Met that I needed. All is good once again.

I also mentioned previously that the best card that I got from the Million Card Giveaway was a 1960 Cubs team card. I was really psyched to get it because I collect team cards and getting an old one that I didn’t have was awesome. I guess it’s also a good card to have pulled because it’s a high series from a time when high series counted for something. Needless to say, because of that I’ve gotten a lot of trade offers for it, which is fine, but I have no intention of trading it. Seeing the different cards that people offered me was interesting though. Most were pretty fair offers. I think I got a few that were for commons from ’52 or ’53. I think if I were interested in trading the Cubs card, those would’ve been a good trade for both sides. I’d also gotten some offers that were a little on the cheap side. A bunch of different people offered other team cards from the 70’s. The worst one I got however made me not know whether to laugh or be offended. Some dude had the balls to offer me a 1987 Jimmy Key straight up. I know he had a pretty good season that year (17-8, 2.76 ERA, 161 SO), but come on.

One other interesting thing I’ve noticed about the Million Card Giveaway site is that the last couple of times that I’ve gone on there that window on the home page where they list recently unlocked cards has been full of ’60’s and ’70’s cards. I’ve also seen one or two ’50’s cards, but not anything newer than 1980. Has Topps already gotten rid of all their crappy cards, or are they just advertising the good ones?

2 Responses to “My First Million Card Trade”

  1. Good question.
    I just unlocked 15 cards
    and they were all 73 or 75.
    Is there a place to see unlocked cards by year?

  2. I’m getting tons of offers for my 1952 Bob Hooper. I dont want to trade it unless it’s a 52 Dodger or a few 50’s Dodgers. But yeah I’ve gotten tons of offers that are just like… a few 87 cards. I wish there was some way to put what cards you would trade for so people stop making sutpid offers

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