One Last eBay Haul, For Old Times Sake
January 22nd, 2010 by slangon

I think I’ve officially declared 2010 “The Year of Vintage”. Sort of without thinking about it, 95% of the cards that I’ve acquired in this young year have been of the vintage variety. I didn’t set out for that to happen, but that’s the way things have been falling into place. That is fine with me, too. Not that I dislike new cards necessarily, but I’ve just been realizing how much happier these old timers make me. So I’m going to try to keep sticking to vintage for as long as I can this year.

Because of this vintage whirlwind, I’ve been getting cards more from and recently and haven’t been hitting eBay so much. This is one of the last things I got there that I hadn’t gotten around to posting.

2009 Topps Tribute #TAR-KH3 Keith Hernandez Autographed Relic Card 16/99
2009 Topps Tribute #TAR-KH3

This is a pretty sweet card of my favorite player of all-time. It’s actually the first autographed card that I have of Mex. I do have an autographed 8×10 photograph of him that I bought at the local card shop when I was like 10, but this is the first card. I gotta say, Keith’s got a pretty good looking signature. I feel like older players, and perhaps older people in all walks of life generally have nicer penmanship. Maybe because their thumbs haven’t evolved into some weird super text messaging machines.

I find it weird though that this is a bat relic, yet the back of the card says Jersey Relic. At first I had a very small moment of panic thinking that I got duped, but after searching for similar cards and seeing that they’re all like that, I think that’s just the way they are. Which is still weird.

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  1. That is a sweet card. it is weird about the jersey part tho

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