SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond 16-20
January 20th, 2010 by slangon

Things have been quite busy here at SlangKo Corporate HQ in preparation for spring training. I’ve decided to dispatch a gaggle of customs to Port St. Lucie in an attempt to get me some Metsie autos. Of course when I ran through the list of players, I came up with 26 dudes I wanted to hit up. That translates into 26 cards designed, 52 cards printed, assembled and cut (thanks to my new policy of including a card for the player to keep), 26 letters written (I can’t bring myself to ask for a handwritten autograph with a note that was printed on a computer), 26 envelopes addressed, and 26 return envelopes addressed. So that’s a boat load of work. Fortunately, all that is probably 75% done, so it’s not so bad. As a matter of fact, the first handful of packages went into the mail this morning, so we’ll see how that goes. I was actually just realizing that out of all the TTM requests that I’ve made to this point, these are the first going to active players, so I’m excited to see what comes back my way.

In the meantime, I’ve found some time to bang away at the Heroes of the Diamond checklist. Five more are in the bag.

This might be my favorite of these cards so far, just because I love crazy acrobatic defensive plays like this.

Although, I must say, that is a pretty sweet swing on the part of Mr. Ramirez. Is there any division more stocked with awesome shortstops than the N.L. East?

In hind sight, it would’ve been pretty cool to try and track down images of every player wearing a throw back uniform.

Am I the only one that doesn’t quite understand how the Pirates always end up doing so badly when you think of all the players that have come out of Pittsburgh in the last few years?

Is Dan Haren still on the D’Backs? Yes? Good.

At last count, there’s 23 more cards to be made, and then we’re done-ski. Thank goodness.

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