You Make Me Sad, Sir Met
January 15th, 2010 by slangon

I’ve been trying to ignore it as long as I could, but it’s just gotten ridiculous. Pitchers and catchers haven’t even reported and the 2010 Mets have already turned into a circus.

I’m sure by now everyone has heard how Carlos Beltran had gotten surgery to clean up his balky knee, which had cost him quite a few months of playing time last season. The big question is why didn’t he just get it done back in November so that there would be no question as to his availabilty come Opening Day. It’s my understanding that he felt pain free after the season ended, and it was only recently that he started to feel discomfort, when he began to ramp up his work outs in preparation for Spring Training. Okay, fine.

As a fan, especially a fan who suffered through the injury train that was the 2009 season, I’m fine with him getting the surgery now, even if it means missing the first month of play, if that means that he’ll be back some time in May all set and ready to go. I feel like that’s where the story should have ended.

Of course, since this is the Mets, it completely turned into a debacle, with the Mets claiming that Beltran never got their permission to go ahead with the procedure,and Beltran claiming he did, and the Mets making weird vauge allusions to “reserving their rights” and possible legal action.

First off, I’m 100% with Beltran on this one, simply because of the Mets track record over the past few years concerning player injuries. If he did blatantly defy the organization, I can’t say I blame him. I feel like they would’ve been content to let him play through it, or get a cortisone shot or whatever. Then I could see him trying that and then come May or June, breaking down and needing surgery anyway and now he’s done for the season.

Also, if you, as an organization, truly believe that your player defied your orders, why do you need to air that dirty laundry in public? Let’s face it, after the past few seasons, the Mets don’t exactly have a reputation as a well-oiled machine of an organization. I feel like they lost out on several free agents specifically because those free agents did not want to play for the Mets, regardless of how much money you offered them. After this soap opera, do you think any big name free agent will ever want to play for your club?

And speaking of organization, does anyone over there talk to each other? Unless, Beltran is flat out lying, Dr. Altchek, who is the Mets team physician, agreed with Dr. Steadman, the knee specialist who performed the operation, as to Carlos needing the surgery. Also, Beltran claims that he spoke to Minaya, who wished him well in the operation. Also, apparently, Steadman obtained insurance forms from the Mets before doing the procedure. So if your team physician agreed to it, your GM wished him good luck, and you sent over insurance forms, why are you so surprised? Either there’s a lot of false information floating around out there or there’s a serious lack of communication going on the Mets front office. Either way, the lack of a straight story is making me bonkers.

So now the question is, is the first official injury of the Mets 2010 season Beltrans knee, or the giant black eye to the franchise?

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