Roll Out the Trading Barrel
January 9th, 2010 by slangon

For Christmas, Wifey had gotten me a tin of 2009 Sweet Spot. Often times, when I break a box or blaster or whatever, I’ll search for similar breaks just to kind of compare my luck with that of others. When I searched for ’09 Sweet Spot tin, I came across Ed from Roll Out the Barrel. Turns out he had very similar feelings as me to Sweet Spot. He was a bit bummed that he didn’t pull more Brewers, just as I was bummed I didn’t pull more Mets. Also turns out he did pull Mets and I did pull Brewers. You can guess what happened next.

Here’s what he sent me.


Or I should say, that’s what he was supposed to send me. He also sent a crap load of other awesome Mets cards. Here’s some of me faves.

08ANNIROOKIEgooden I really think this insert set might be one of my all time favorite insert sets. That’s including Allen & Ginter insert sets. Plus, it’s Doc.

reyes_castillioWhen you’re a fan of a particular team, you come to recognize little nuances of different players that people who aren’t fans of that team probably don’t pick up. When you picture that player in you head, you always picture them a certain way. I love when the photography on cards matches that picture. For instance, I always picture Reyes with a filthy uniform, and I always picture Castillo with that weird slappy swing.

endy_chavezAnd I will forever picture Endy Chavez making that catch. Ed sent me not one, but two cards with that photo.

UDMASTERPIECESmetsHe also sent a trio of UD Masterpieces. Two from the ’08 set and one from the ’07 set. (I almost wrote “this years set”.)

08STADIUMCLUBryanIt’s always awesome to get a card with Nolan Ryan in a Mets uniform. This one’s from the ’08 Stadium Club set.

08ROHhernandez_darlingTwo thirds of the Mets broadcast booth on Ring of Honor cards. I’m not sure how many people out there have the opportunity to ever listen to a Mets game broadcast on the SNY network, but if you can, I strongly suggest you do. I swear I’m not just saying this because they’re the Mets broadcasters. Hearing Ron, Keith and Gary Cohen call a game is an absolute pleasure. I’m sure every fan feels that way about their team’s broadcasters, but I’m just sayin’. If you ever get a chance.

He sent me tons more awesome cards, pretty much all of which I needed, and for that I will roll out the barrel of gratitude. Thanks again, Ed.

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  1. Nice stuff! Ed is an amazing trader, one of the best… I can remember seeing that Chavez catch on SC over and over again… Good stuff. I still REALLY want to trade with you, please email me at bacontowne at yahooo dot commmm

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