Another Old Time Met TTM
January 12th, 2010 by slangon

2009 SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond Bobby Gene Smith

Another Original Met. Barely. Mr. Bobby Gene Smith had a short career in general, but especially had a short career as a Met. How short, you ask? Try eight games short. He was a member of the Mets on Opening Day, 1962, though.

He pinch hit for the pitcher, Ray Daviault in the bottom of the ninth. The box score I looked at didn’t provide much info, but it did tell me that he went 0 for 1, but he didn’t strike out. His career line with the Mets wasn’t much better, either. He had 22 at bats, with just 3 hits for a .136 batting average. He scored 1 run and drove in 2. He did hit 1 triple. That’s cool. He drew 2 walks while striking out 6 times. Never had a stolen base as a Met, but he was caught stealing once.

Although he was by no means a super star, apparently he must’ve been in a slump during those 8 games he played for the Mets. His career numbers are slightly (although not much) better. 13 home runs, 96 RBI’s, .248 batting average. Some might say that was a not too bad year. Bobby Gene Smith says that’s not a bad career.

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  1. According to Baseball Reference (, Bobby Gene hit a “smash” (remember how Harry Caray would call every dribbler a “smash”?) to Don Hoak at third, who threw to Bill Mazeroski at 2nd to force Don Zimmer.

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