Sunday Afternoon Football (Cards)
December 27th, 2009 by slangon

I almost can’t believe there’s only 2 regular season games left. Geez. Big day for the Football Giants. As usual, it’s a must win for them. Seems like going against the Panthers makes that a bit of an attainable goal. But then again, you never can tell with those Giants. I doubt we’re going to get any help from the Seahawks against the Packers. Maybe the Redskins are so embarrassed about what the Giants did to them last week that they’ll be able to muster something against the Cowboys, but I doubt it.

Anyway, here’s some stuff I got in 4 retail packs of 2009 Topps Mayo.

09MAYOriver_casselA couple of quarterbacks. One lives on the top floor of the AFC West. One lives in the basement.

09MAYOedwards_ochocincoA couple of wide receivers. I like what I’ve seen of Edwards with the Jets. I don’t really know too much about Ochocinco, outside of the fact that he legally changed his name to Ochocinco. That’s enough for me to like him though, just because that’s balls-out wacky. It makes me like it more because he didn’t really change his name to “Chad Eighty FIve”. He changed it to “Chad Eight Five”. I wonder if he realizes that. I mean “Chad Ochenta Y Cinco” has a pretty nice ring to it.

09MAYOminisA trio of mini parallels. Like all things mini, I very much enjoy the smaller counterparts to the regular set. It’s interesting that they used black and white, or rather sepia tined photos on the minis. The colors on the base cards are so saturated and beautiful that part of me would like to see what that looks like in mini form though.

09MAYOgibbonsI guess this is what they would look like. Seriously folks, I have no problem including non-sports related figures in sets. Hell, I even enjoy the non-sports cards more than some of the sports figures. But a republican governor from Nevada? Yawn. At least if it was the Governator, that’d be cool.

09MAYOriceA Ray Rice super thick silver parallel. Without fail, every time I look at this card, I keep thinking he has a cigar in his mouth. Then I think that in stead of doing some over the top end zone dance to celebrate a touchdown, it would be soooo much cooler if he scored a TD, took of his helmet, lit up a cigar, looked at the nearest opponent and just said “I love it when a plan comes together”, ala Hannibal Smith from the A-Team.

09MAYOharrison_doyleTwo non-football players. Did you know that Benjamin Harrison is, so far, the only U.S. President to hail from Indiana? Thanks goodness for football cards. They’re educational. And apparently, Paddy Doyle is “perhaps the worlds’s most prolific all-around athlete”. Judging by that name and that picture, he looks more like the worlds most prolific pint chugger and soccer hooligan.

And perhaps my favorite card from all four packs…

09MAYOtelsaI had just finished reading a biography of Telsa a few weeks ago, and he’s a pretty fascinating dude. Part mad scientist, part poet, part science fiction writer. He pretty much invented alternating current. He butted heads, and won, against Thomas Edison in “The Battle of the Currents”. Aside from Tesla himself being a cool subject, this card itself is really nice looking. As I mentioned above, the colors they use on the Mayo cards are really beautiful and this particular card is an especially nice example.

Well, next week will be the final edition of regular season Sunday Afternoon Football (Cards). Stay tuned.

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