Some eBay stuff from the last week or so
August 7th, 2009 by slangon

I went on a bit of an eBay spree a while back. And by spree I mean I won a handful of auctions, but still came in under $15. Here’s what I got.

2009 Allen & Ginter N43-DW David Wright N43 Box Loader

09 Allen&Ginter Wright N43
I’ve heard some people complain about these cards, saying that they’re just a mini on a bigger card with a couple of plam fronds and some old-timey ball players in the back ground. I like them though. I’m all about anything old-timey. I needed this card for my Mets collection and for $0.99, how could I pass it up?

2009 Allen & Ginter AGR-CB Carlos Beltran Game Used Jersey

09 Allen&Ginter Beltran Relic
Another sweet Mets card. A Beltran relic from Allen & Ginter. Like everyone else, I never met a relic I didn’t like, but these Ginter relics are extra awesome. The way they package them in the frame, it’s like it’s a relic within a relic.

Tom Seaver Lot
Two 70’s Seavers that I needed for my Mets set. A buck for the 2 of them.

And lastly…

1940 Play Ball #14 “Rabbit” McNair

40PBmcnairThe cool thing about old-assed cards like this is they don’t need to be some super-star to be awesome. The cards are just awesome in themselves. Having an 08 Topps Albert Pujols or Chipper Jones is cool, but an 08 Topps Ronny Paulino is not that cool.

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