A Cheap-O Sunday Afternoon Football Break
December 20th, 2009 by slangon

I wrote about my 2 guaranteed hits for $20 experience. I ended up going back to Target to see if they had any more of the discount 08 Upper Deck blasters, which they didn’t. They did, however, have a blaster of 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes, which for some reason was only $6.49. It piqued my curiosity so I grabbed it. I mean, how bad could it be for $6.49, right?

Well, after opening it and seeing what was in it, I figured, ah well, it was cheap, you get what you pay for. Just barely.

I did get some semi-neat stuff.

08HEROESedwardsA nifty Braylon Edwards.

08HEROESpetersonA neat-o Adrian Peterson.

08HEROEStomlinsonA couple of first rate LaDainian Tomlinsons. I really don’t like the base card design. That weird marble looking business is just plain busted. The painting card looks much nicer, but I can’t figure out what the deal with them is. Are they inserts? I don’t know.

08HEROESochocincoA couple of spiffy Ochocincos from back when he was just Chad Johnson. I wonder if he realizes that Ocho Cinco mean Eight Five, not Eighty Five.

08HEROESotherA couple of kooky cards of folks from other sports. I realize that there’s a lot of card sets these days that have subjects from sports other than what the set is supposed to be or even non-sports. That doesn’t bother me at all. In this case, it just seems forced and a bit stupid.

08HEROESguitarA quartet of wacky guitar players. See comment above. Although that Tony Iommi is pretty awesome. And if you weren’t aware that Steve Vai is a douche, look at him.

08HEROESflaccoA keen Joe Flacco card. Pretty nice pull.

08HEROESmanningA rip-roaring Eli Manning card. Nice. Plus it doesn’t have the faux marble finish.

08HEROESretiredA whiz-bang group of retired players. I’m always a sucker for including retired players in sets. The two Jim’s are particularly sweet, as is the Paul Hornung.

Well, what can I say. It was $6.49. Seriously though, if it was $6.50, I would’ve been pissed.

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  1. I could use that Marino. I’m sure I can findvsome stuff off of your want list.

  2. Guess what? You’ve been nominated for the 2009 Card Awards! Check it out!


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