Johnny Lattner Autograph Giveaway Reminder
December 17th, 2009 by slangon

Hey, kids. Don’t forget about old Johnny Lattner. He’s sitting on my desk, a’waitin’ for you to sign up and win him.


Just to recap the rules, leaving a comment to this post will get you one entry. If you have a blog, and you link to this post, you will get a second entry. This is in addition to any entries you may have gotten from the original announcement of this contest. So if you had commented and linked the first time to get 2 entries, here’s your chance to double that.

Keep in mind, that as of this second, the comments are shut down for that original post, so you can’t go back and try to sign up for that first round of entries. They’re gone.

The actual give away will go down on Christmas Day or the day after. I will write up a list of all the entries, run them through 12 times (for the 12 days of Christmas), and whoever is at the top of the list when all is said and done gets the card.

Also, once more between now and the deadline, I will post one more reminder, which will give you one more chance to get in.

9 Responses to “Johnny Lattner Autograph Giveaway Reminder”

  1. Comment left on reminder post #1. Do I get a bonus for being first?

  2. Yes. I’m going to print out your comment and hang it on my fridge.

  3. Ooh, ooh. Johnny showing some calf. Count me in.

  4. put me in again!!!

  5. me too please.

  6. I’m in

  7. OhHh

    Fo Shizle My NiZle.

    Im in….

  8. Alright!

    Your posted up.

  9. Thanks for the contest…!!!!!!