SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond 11-15
December 15th, 2009 by slangon

The next five are ready to go.

To me, this picture of John Lannan pretty much sums up the Nationals the last few years. Scared look. Dejected. Looks like he might cry. Looking over to third base for help. (I realize he’s more likely looking at the score board. I just needed to get a Ryan Zimmerman reference in here.) Of course Lannan also owned my Mets.

A major cog in the billion dollar machine. Also the source of an awesome nickname courtesy of Dayf.

Most under-rated player in MLB today? Or does everyone spend so much time talking about how under-rated he is, it actually turns out he rated just fine? I would love to see the Mets work something out to get him.

This might be one of my favorite of all Heroes of the Diamonds so far. I wish real card companies would have the chutzpah to put a picture like this on a card.

It’s pretty awesome that when he first came up with the Mets, he hit 4 home runs in his first 4 games. Although in hind sight, I’m glad the Mets moved him. After all, they did get a first baseman who could drive the ball a little bit. I also like the story of how the Marlins printed up a bunch of Mike Jacobs t-shirts to hand out on Jewish Heritage Day, only to find out that Mike Jacobs isn’t Jewish.

6 Responses to “SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond 11-15”

  1. Just curious, where do you get your photos from when you make your cards?

    Awesome cards by the way!

  2. It’s probably not the best way of doing it, but I’ll just do a google image search for whatever player and grab whatever photo I find most interesting. Sometimes I have to settle for a second or even third choice if the image is too small or too pixelated or just doesn’t fit the format of the card so well. I know that it’s kind of messed up that I’m using someone else’s photo, but it’s not like I’m making any money or anything. Full on pirate baseball cards.

  3. Ah, I’ve always been curious since you often feature so many great photos! Someday I’ll teach myself how to make nice cards too…

  4. Well, I say, the first step to making nice looking cards is making a bunch of not so nice looking cards. I always find a good way of getting practice is to just take an existing card that you think looks cool and just try and recreate that design exactly in whatever program you’re comfortable working with.

  5. Yeaaaargh! If Adrian leaves San Diego I’ll walk the plank.

  6. The cards look great.

    Thanks for sharing the Mike Jacobs story… I’d never seen it before.

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