Guaranteed Hits, On The Cheap
December 13th, 2009 by slangon

Last week, I had to run down to the local Target for some errands and having a $20 burning a hole in my pocket, I figured I would grab a blaster while I was there. I was thinking maybe Topps Magic, Goodwin Champions or 206, if they had any. When I finished up all my other errands and moseyed over to the card section, I saw that they had a bunch of older stuff on clearance for 50% off. One of the 50% off boxes happened to be a 2008 Upper Deck Series 2 Blaster that claimed “One Game Used Memoribilia Card in Every Box! on average”. I was torn between a blaster that I more than likely would end up pulling bupkis from, or paying only $10 and getting at least a relic card. Of course I went for the cheap guaranteed relic card, hence the title of this post. I figured though that I came here to blow $20, so $20 I will blow. So I also ended up picking up a football repack thing that also had a guaranteed relic card plus 3 packs for another $10. Being that today is Sunday, I will focus on the football repack thingie and save the blaster for another day.


The first pack was a pack of 2007 Upper Deck Football.
#200 Antwaan Randle El
#147 Jamie Farrior
#NTN-RB Reggie Bush College to Pros
#2 Edgerrin James
#22 David Carr
Eh. It always sort of irks me when I can count the number of cards in a pack on one hand. The Reggie Bush insert was kind of cool. The Randle El card looks really good,too. That’s a nice photo. The David Carr card looks kind of silly to me. Is he playing football or basketball?

Next up is a pack of 2008 Score.
#325 Santana Moss
#267 Antonio Cromartie
#74 D’Qwell Jackson
#135 Bob Sanders
#YS-15 Ahmad Bradshaw Young Stars
#391 Harry Douglas
#20 Willis McGahee
Better than the Upper Deck pack, I’ll say that. The Santana Moss and Willis McGahee cards are cool and I like the little dance Harry Douglas is doing. Definitely the best card of the pack for my was the Bradshaw. There was something weird going on with the McGahee card. It seems a little thicker and a little shinier than the others. After looking it up, I saw that in 2008, Score had a glossy parallel set. The one weird thing about it, I thought, was that it wasn’t that much thicker or shinier than the base cards. In fact, I almost didn’t even notice that it was different. Seems to me, if you’re going to do a parallel set like that, you’d want to make sure folks knew they got the parallel.

Last pack is of the 2006 Fleer Ultra variety.
#24 Kelly Holcomb
#82 Peyton Manning
#37 Adrian Peterson
#UA-MV Michael Vick Ultra Achievements
#187 Brian Griese
#144 Donvan McNabb
#191 Travis Henry
#142 Doug Gabriel Gold Medallion
Well, I guess I inadvertently left the best for last as far as the packs go. The Manning, Peterson and McNabb cards are sweet. The Michael Vick card is pretty good looking, and I always love getting inserts. I’m just not 100% decided on my opinion of him yet. On one hand, I love dogs and was pretty horrified at some of the stuff I heard about. On the other hand, he did serve his time and he does seem to be truly sorry about what he did. I don’t know. Even without the Vick card, I officially declare this the best pack of the three.

Now onto what we’ve all been waiting for – the Memorabilia Card.

2006 SPx Swatch Supremacy #SW-VD Vernon Davis Rookie Game Used Jersey

That’s pretty cool. Not the most exciting relic card for me, but not the worst. I don’t really care about the 49er’s, but I don’t hate them. Vernon Davis seems to be better than most as far a tight ends go. It’s cool that it’s a rookie. It’s cool that it’s red. Overall, not too bad for my first of 2 guaranteed hits for $20.

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