2003 Topps 205 Box Break: Packs 13-14
December 4th, 2009 by slangon

I didn’t have a whole bunch of time to scan this morning, so you’ll be getting two packs instead of four. But that’s two more than none.

Pack 13 –
#46 Rafael Palmeiro
#119 Edgar Martinez
#110 Nomar Garciapara w/o Gold Trim
03205garciaparraNomarrrr! I used to really like Nomar. Then he sort of fizzled out and wandered the world alone, going from ball club to ball club.
#102 Brett Meyers
#73 Randy Johnson Brooklyn Back Mini
03205johnsonMiniAnother example of the Brooklyn back mini parallel. This one is of the Big Unit.
#TF9 Jimmy Rollins / Jason Kendall Polar Bear Back Triple Folder
03205rollins_kendallTFAnother back side of a triple folder. Again, the side panels have short bios on the players, while the center panel has a write up on the play taking place, in this case a close play at home.
#140 Joseph Gomes FY
03205gomesYet another first year/prospect/rookie card of a guy I never heard of.
#125 Joe Mauer
03205mauerIt’s the AL MVP, when he was young. I guess because I don’t focus on the American League that much, I didn’t think Mauer has been around for this long.

Pack 14 –
#57 Omar Vizquel
#32 Jason Jennings
#96 Jorge Posada
03205posadaMaybe I’m being catty here, but I think the artist at Topps was being a little kind when it came to Jorge’s ears. Do the Yankees have a monopoly on big eared catchers?
#63 Ben Sheets
#112 Eric Gagne Polar Bear Back Mini
#TR-KI Kaz Ishii Game Used Jersey
03205ishiiRelic03205ishiiRelicBThe second hit of the box. I wonder if that’s it as far as hits. Like the auto I pulled a few packs ago, I’m not terribly excited that it’s Kaz Ishii, but it’s a cool looking card.
#124 Joe Borchard
#83 Jim Thome
03205thomeJim Thome was a Phillie? I thought the scientists over at White Sox HQ hatched him in their lab.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put an end to this box break this weekend. 6 more packs and the box of mini cards to go.

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  1. If you haven’t heard of Gomes, you should head over to The Collective Troll. Troll sponsors the Gomes Baseball Reference page, and is probably Gomes’ biggest fan hahaha. Plus he’s an awesome trader.

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