2003 Topps 205 Box Break: Packs 9-12
December 1st, 2009 by slangon

On we march.

Pack 9 –
#37 Ron Gardenhire
03205gardenhireOne weird thing that I noticed, there’s only 5 managers cards in this set. There’s Gardenhire, Torre, LaRussa, Bob Brenley and Bobby Cox. Now, in the 2002 season, all 5 of their teams won their divisions. But, there’s 6 divisions in baseball? What happened to Oakland? Where’s the love for Art Howe?
#85 J.T. Snow
#29 Derek Lowe
#71 Bobby Higginson
#49 C.C. Sabathia Polar Bear Back Mini
#TF49 Bobby Abreu / Mike Piazza Polar Bear Back Tiple Floder
03205abreu_piazzaTFApparently there’s a total of 8 Piazza Triple folders in the whole 205 set (Series 1 and 2 combined.) There’s 5 in just the first series. I’ve gotten 3 so far. Not that I’m complaining.
#136 Bryan Bullington FY
03205bullingtonSo far, out of these minor league / rookie cards, I think Hanley Ramirez is the only guy I recognize. I guess it’s bad news for Mr. Bullington when the blurb I write about his card is all about Hanley Ramirez.
#6 Cliff Floyd
03205floydI remember hearing that when David Wright first came up, Cliff sort of took it upon himself to haze him. Among other things he would make David carry his luggage to and from the airport. One time David got stopped at security and had to open his bag, which was really Cliff’s bag. Here’s a quote from the article I read this in:

Wright’s most recent humiliation occurred last July, at the hands of his mentor, Floyd. As part of his entry-level hazing, Wright had to lug the veteran’s Louis Vuitton luggage on road trips. He still cringes at one memory of taking the bags through security at LaGuardia Airport and getting grilled by an airport screener.

The agent rummaged through one of Floyd’s suitcases and pulled out three pairs of tiny nail scissors.
“Are these yours?” she asked.
Wright winced. “Uh, yes,” he said.
The screener reached in again and withdrew enough gold chains to buy Minneapolis and St. Paul. “Are these yours?” she asked.

“Uh, yes.”
She plunged in yet again and drew forth copies of Ebony, Jet, XXL, King, Smooth, Essence, Black Enterprise, Black-Gen, Black Men’s Swimsuit Extra….

“And I suppose these are yours, too?”
Wright lowered his head and whispered, “Yes, ma’am.”
Floyd was at the back of the line and missed the interrogation. “When David told me what had happened,” he says, “I laughed and laughed and laughed.” Still, Wright carried Floyd’s bags the rest of the season without complaint. “David told me he was happy to,” says Floyd. “Nothing fazes the kid.”

That Cliff is one funny dude.

Pack 10 –
#103 Jason Kendall
#18 Miguel Tejada Blue
#68 Frank Thomas
03205thomasTwo things I love about Frank Thomas: 1) His nickname is “The Big Hurt”, and B) How happy he looks on this baseball card.
#50 Alex Rodriguez Look Ahead
03205rodriguezVarBTwo things I do not love about Alex Rodriguez: A) He gets paid more money than God to do something every American boy dreams of doing when he grows up, and 2) How boring he looks on this baseball card.
#114 Jeff Bagwell Sweet Caporal Back Mini
03205bagwellSCMiniHere’s another of the back variations for the mini cards. This time it’s a Sweet Caporal. There was actually a further variation of these backs that were purple, rather than brown.
#TF10 Roberto Alomar / Shawn Green Polar Bear Back Triple Folder
03205alomar_greenTFA nice triple folder of 2 dudes who ended up on the Mets at the end of their careers and ended up lowering their lifetime average. I could make an entire set of cards with that theme I bet.
#138 Brian Burgamy
#5 Bartolo Colon

Pack 11 –
#78 Ryan Klesko
#74 Tony LaRussa
03205larussaIt’s Mr. Lets-Bat-The-Pitcher-Eighth.
#116 Carlos Pena
03205penaIt took me a little bit to realize that this was the same Carlos Pena who’s on the Rays now. It’s impressive that he missed a good month of the season with a couple of broken fingers, yet still tied for the Home Run lead in the AL.
#48 Bob Brenley
03205brenleyDid anyone ever see Bob Brenly and Randy Johnson in the same room at the same time?
#101 Eric Chavez Polar Bear Back Mini
#TF1 Jason LaRue / Barry Bonds Polar Bear Back Triple Folder
#122 Jose Reyes
03205reyesAhh, young Jose. Look at that gleam of hope in his eye. Where has this Jose gone? He needs to put the reggaeton back on and start being all enegetic and whatnot.
#84 Kevin Millwood

Pack 12 –
#23 John Smoltz
03205smoltzAs much as I hated Smoltz over the years, I must admit, I thought it would’ve been much cooler for him and Atlanta fans if he had just retired as a Brave instead of trying to squeeze in one more year with Boston. I’m sure most Brave’s fans would agree.
#14 Jose Vidro
#8 Jason Giambi Full Jacket
#12 Mike Piazza Orange
03205piazzaVarAMan, this set is all about Mike. He’s got a total of 43 cards in this set with all the front and back variations.
#105 Eric Hinske Polar Bear Back Mini
#TF43 Ichiro Suzuki / Ryan Klesko Polar Bear Back Triple Folder
#137 Jose Contreras
#149 John McGraw
03205mcgrawCertainly one of the coolest cards I’ve gotten from this box so far. John McGraw will always be one of my all time favorite dudes in the history of baseball. I was kind of bummed when Bobby Cox broke his all-time record for career ejections. I think the Mets should just figure out how to raise him from the dead and make Zombie McGraw their new manager. I feel like he’s the type of leadership they need.

Well, we’re down to 8 packs and the box topper/ mini pack think-a-ma-jig. Hopefully, I’ll knock that out in the next day or two.

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