Monday Afternoon Blaaaaaa
November 30th, 2009 by slangon

I don’t know how the weather is wherever you are right now, but in New York is is crappy with a capital CRAP. Rainy, cold, grey, yuck. This has planted a seed of laziness in me that is thriving, so I haven’t gone forward with the Heroes of the Diamond, or gotten around to scanning more cards from the 205 box break.

I did see some neat-o stuff on the internet though.

As a Mets fan, I read Matt Cerone’s Mets Blog pretty religiously. This time of year it’s mostly speculations and Hot Stove stuff and all that rot, but occasionally he slaps a link up to some random Mets related stuff. Today he had a link to this. It’s footage of Tom Seaver’s MLB debut that someone dug up for a documentary that they were putting together about The Alaska Baseball League. Apparently, Tom played on the Fairbanks Goldpanners. It’s pretty interesting footage, seeing a dude who has the highest percentage of votes for thee Hall of Fame play his first game. I personally love the part around 5:15 where he throws Jesse Gondor a little chin music. Coincidentally, the very first vintage Mets card I bought when I was 11 or 12 was a 1964 Jesse Gondor.

I also stumbled upon a cool new blog called Balk Four, which is written by a U.S. Soldier stationed in Germany. Apparently, they’re having a Ginormous Contest. I’m not sure how exactly the contest works, but it sounds fun.

And lastly, because I one productive thing I did today was actually mail out my entry, check out Beardy’s Ho Ho Holiday contest. Taking a cue from Thorzul and his Nightmares on Cardboard, Mr. Beard is hosting a contest where you, the reader, can make your own holiday themed trading card and submit it for the chance to win some sweet-ass prizes.

Sorry about the lack of posting, but hopefully you can waste the same amount of time reading about the above things as you would reading whatever I would’ve written here.

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  1. Anthony of Balk Four is a really generous blogger. We traded a little while back and he sent me some truly epic stuff. I can’t wait to see how his contest goes, and I’m so excited for the goodies that I might get if I win!

  2. I just got that email he sent to everyone involved in the contest. It sounds crazy. In a good way. Like a card blog version of the Laff Olympics.

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