2003 Topps 205 Box Break: Packs 5-8
November 28th, 2009 by slangon

On we go.

Pack 5 –
#55 Johnny Damon
03205damonGeez. These cards are so old, Johnny Damon had short hair and no beard.
#47 Vernon Wells
#25 Shawn Green
03205greenDamn this dude looks a lot younger here than I remember him looking when he was on the Mets. I guess being on the Mets adds 20 years to your face.
#61 Carlos Beltran
03205beltranI’m really hoping for a good, healthy year out of Carlos this coming season. Not just because I’m a Mets fan and I think it’ll be good for the team. I like Beltran as a player, and he also seems to be a good guy.
#97 Luis Castillo Polar Bear Back Mini
#TF24 Luis Gonzalez / Mike Piazza Polar Bear Back Triple Folder
03205piazza_gonzalezTFBy far, the best of the triple folders so far. First of all, it’s Piazza. Second of all, I love the middle photo. Gonzalez obviously just finished up a home run trot and has the nerve to pat Mike on the shoulder like “It’ll be okay, big guy.” Or maybe he’s just high-fiving someone standing behind Mike. I like to think it’s the first scenario though.
#15 Vladimir Guerrero White Logo
03205guerrerroNot only did I forget that Vladdie played for the Expos. I sort of forgot that there was an Expos. When was the last time you pulled an Expos card?
#142 Travis Wong FY
03205wongI always love when card companys put out a prospect card of some dude and then he turns out to be a bust. I always wonder if the guys at Topps sit around and say “Damn, we really screwed the pooch on that Wong card.” Or do they just not mention it and pretend like it never happened.

Pack 6 –
#80 Scott Rolen
#1 Barry Bonds Hat
03205bondsVarBThe other variation of the Bonds card.
#13 Greg Maddux
#82 Joe Torre
03205torreI don’t think I’ll ever understand the Yankees. Why would you not re-hire Torre, and why would you not re-hire him in such a weird way.
#53 Craig Biggio Brooklyn Back Mini
03205biggioOne of the alternate backs for the mini cards.
#TF14 Kerry Wood / Mike Piazza Polar Bear Back Triple Folder
03205piazza_woodTFThis is what the backs of the triple folders look like. Or would this be the inside? Theres 2 back variations, the Polar Bear back, which is by far the more common, and the Brooklyn backs. So far all the triple folders I’ve got have been Polar Bear. The back is also pretty cool because on the side panels, it gives a short bio of the players, but on the center panel, it explains the play that’s going on on the reverse side.
#43 Tom Glavine
03205glavineIn hind sight, Tommy should’ve retired immediatly after his 300th win. It would’ve saved him a lot of embarrassment.
#51 Sammy Sosa Head Left

Pack 7 –
#90 Chipper Jones
03205chipperLittle known fact: Chipper “Larry” Jones was only 15 years old in 2003.
#94 Rodrigo Lopez
#60 Lance Berkman
#67 Kerry Wood
#141 Ismael Castro Sovereign Back Mini
03205castroMiniA mini version of one of the “minor” league cards. I think these look especially cool as mini’s.
#TA-MB Marlon Byrd Autograph
03205byrdAutoMy first hit of the box. I know it’s Marlon Byrd, but I think I still like it. It’s an on-card autograph. It’s a framed mini card. It looks really awesome. I’ll forgive it for being Marlon Byrd. I guess the triple folders are also supposed to act as a trap for pack searchers as well.
#150 Roderick Wallace
03205wallaceAnother aspect of this set is that part of the checklist is comprised of old-timey players who appeared in the original T205 set. This is what Roderick’s original card looked like.
#123 Rocco Baldelli

Pack 8 –
#62 Edgar Renteria
#76 Bobby Abreu
#112 Eric Gagne
#49 CC Sabbathia
03205sabbathiaHmm. Looks like CC has put on a few pounds since signing that big ole Yankees contract.
#78 Ryan Klesko Drum Back Mini
03205kleskoMiniDrumAnother of the mini back variations. This time it’s Drum. I’m not sure the order of rarity, but I think the Drum is kind of up there.
#TF7 Magglio Ordonez / Paul Konerko Polar Bear Back Triple Folder
03205ordonez_konerkoTFI know I’ve been joking about the whole 2003 thing, and how that was so long ago Vladdy was and Expo and all that, but seriously, I was completely taken aback with this one. I did not at all recognize Magglio.
#135 Craig Brazell
03205brazellAnother of the different minor league card designs. I like this one quire a bit. The Turkish looking arch is very tobacco-ey. And it’s a Met. Who played a total of 29 games in the Majors.
#131 Hanley Ramirez
03205h_ramirezHere is one prospect that Topps certainly does not need to apologize for. I know Boston got Beckett for him, and Becketts awesome and all, but I think I’d still be kicking myself a little bit if I were them. Even with the Byrd Auto, I think this might be one of my favorite cards out of this box so far.

The next batch will be up as soon as I can get them scanned. Stay tuned.

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