Another Football TTM Success
November 29th, 2009 by slangon

2009 SlangKo Sport Stars #160 Mike Ditka
This was a new custom set that I’ve been quietly working on recently. It pretty much came about when I decided I wanted to send out some non-baseball custom cards for autographs. All the baseball TTM requests I’d been sending out were based off of the Heroes of the Diamond design, just resized to standard card size (2.5″ x 3/5″). That worked fine for baseball subjects, but I figured for football and other sports, I would like a different design. Of course I couldn’t just throw together some cards. I ended up doing a whole checklist and design process similar to what I did for the Heroes of the Diamond set. After I’m done posting all the Heroes of the Diamond, I’ll go more into this set.

This is the second of these cards I’ve gotten back autographed, this being the first Hall of Famer. They look pretty awesome signed, if I do say so myself. I kind of wish Ditka had signed inside the semi-transparent box I had put there to make it a bit more legible, but what can you do.

Another thing I had done differently on these cards is I actually made backs.

09SLANGKOditka_backI think the back first of all makes the card look better. More “real”, I guess. It was also a lot of fun and pretty interesting to do all the research. Although I would be really curious to know if the people signing these actually read the backs. I usually just pull this info off of Wikipedia, but who knows how accurate that info is. I wonder if Ditka is like “228? I haven’t weighed 228 since high school.”

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