2009 Allen & Ginter Blaster
August 6th, 2009 by slangon

So after much procrastinating, here is the much anticipated 2009 Allen & Ginter blaster I scored at Target the other day. Seriously, I know you were waiting for this all week. And you know these blasters are supposed to be all stuffed to the gills with relics and autos and DNA shizznit and what have you.

Pack 1:
106 Mike Jacobs
126 Trevor Crowe RC
292 Oliver Perez
09AG_sheffield319 Gary Sheffield SP
09AG_beltre186 Adrian Beltre Mini Black
NP37 Johan Santana

Hm. Pretty good pack for Metsies. Although I’m 99% sure Shef was the only one of the 3 I needed. And I think he finishes up my Mets team set for this years Ginters. Not bad. And just because I enjoy beating dead horses, the mini black borders are pretty sweet, even if it is Adrian Beltre.

Pack 2:
217 Jorge Cantu
72 Carlos Lee
30 Ryan Howard
09AG_young344 Chris Young SP
09AG_weeks131 Rickie Weeks Mini A&G
NP31 Grady Sizemore

Another pack, another short print. I can dig that. I hope that hit shows up soon.

Pack 3:
123 Barry Zito
09AG_rasmus248 Colby Rasmus RC
291 Josh Beckett
141 Carlos Zambrano Code Parallel
09AG_merritt142 LaShawn Merritt Mini
NP34 Nick Markakis

Nothing too cool here. I guess the Zambano code is a’ight.

Pack 4:
189 Casey Kotchman
142 LaShawn Merritt
139 Daisuke Matsuzaka
09AG_granderson332 Curtis Granderson SP
09AG_gomez329 Carlos Gomez Mini SP
NP35 Manny Ramirez

Can’t argue with 2 SP’s in one pack, especially when one is a mini. Funny that I got the Merritt base card right after getting the mini in the previous pack. I have no conclusive proof, but I swear that happens all the time. I can specifically remember a few weeks ago, I got an Andy LaRoche SP, and the very next card in the pack was the mini version.

Pack 5:
141 Carlos Zambrano
114 Hideki Matsui
09AG_napoleon259 Napoleon Bonaparte
09AG_booneHLAGHS1 Aaron Boone
196 Joey Votto Mini A&G
NP36 Yovani Gallardo

I don’t mean to be a jerk or nothing, but does anyone else think that if Aaron Boone didn’t get open heart surgery, he wouldn’t be on this card? Just asking?

Pack 6:
62 Dan Uggla
68 Jamie Moyer
39 Hanley Ramirez
09AG_masterson348 Justin Masterson SP
128 Brian Giles Mini
NP33 Hanley Ramirez

Another short print. Moving on.

Pack 7:
67 Ian Kinsler
192 Ryan Zimmerman
35 Geovany Soto
09AG_longoriaHLAGHS25 Evan Longoria
09AG_morneau161 Justin Morneau Mini
NP30 Jose Contretas

That Longoria is one sweet looking card. Although I’m beginning to notice that in all the A&G packs I’ve opened (I think I’m in the neighbor hood of 60 packs or so), I’veĀ been getting the same 4 Highlight Sketches.

Pack 8:
300 David Ortiz
86 Michael Cuddyer
216 Derek Lowe
80 Joe Martinez RC
226 Ricky Romero RC Mini
NP32 Rich Harden
09AG_codeCrack the Code Advertisement

I know this is just a lame filler card, but there’s something about it that I really like. Maybe I’ve read too many Sherlock Holmes stories or something. I must say, the Allen & Ginter sets have done a pretty good job with their crappy advertisement inserts. I halfway remember the filler cards from last year looking relatively cool as well. Although, it does not speak highly of this pack that the card I was most excited about was the crummy filler advertising card.

Something I was just noticing about the National Pride cards I got. I got them sequentially, numbers 30 thru 37. That same thing happened to me with a hobby box a while back. I forget the exact numbers, but I got every number from 28 thru 51 or whatever. I wonder what that’s about. Anyone else notice anything like this in any of their blasters or hobby boxes?

Base Cards: 25/350 = 7%
Minis: 5/350 = 1.5%
A&G Minis: 2/350 = .5%
Black Border Minis: 1/350 = .25%
National Pride: 8/75 = 10.6%
Highlight Sketches: 2/25 = 8%
Code Parallels: 1/100 = 1%
Hits: Nada = 0%

Well, I must say, I am a bit disappointed in this blaster. Not only did I not get the DNA relic that I wasn’t promised, I didn’t even get any of the wacky insert cards. I guess I should be thankful for the Highlight Sketches, even though I’m fairly certain I already have both. The biggest disappointment is that out of 48 cards, I already had 36. And out of the 12 that I didn’t have, I had another version of 5 of them. So only 7 of them really did me any good.

If anybody needs any of these cards, heres my wantlist and trade cards for 09 Ginter.

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  1. nice i know the guy that got the napolean dna relic

  2. That’s pretty lucky. I’d be super psyched to get a DNA relic, although it is a bit ghoulish. Getting a card with a piece of a dead guy, i mean.

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