Sunday Afternoon Football (cards)
November 22nd, 2009 by slangon

The Giants had a bye last week, so I did not bust anything. Rather I posted the neat-o Mark Sanchez autograph I got through the mail. This week the Giants are going to try and get back on track, so I have bought another Topps Magic Football blaster, which I will once again split up over this week and next.

As usual, I will forgo the stuff that does not interest me, and just talk about what I like.

09MAGICtomlinsonOne interesting thing I learned from the back of this card is that LaDainian is only 5’10”. Maybe because I’m new to football and follow the Giants, I was under the impression that all running backs were 6’3″. I also refuse to call this guy “L.T.” I also thought this card was interesting because I don’t recall seeing any other card from this set that has another person on it.

09MAGICrandelelWho doe sthis guy play for? The Redskins? Whoever it was, I’m not sure if this guy is good or not, but I like saying his name. It’s fun. Try it.

09MAGICriversAs Punk Rock Paint pointed out, this dude did a number on my Giants a few weeks back. I’m sure everyone and their mother made some mention of him being traded for Eli when talking about it.

09MAGICcoffeeI just chose this card because I like coffee. Then I started to look up some info on the Glen Coffee fellow. His draft report sounded good, but compared to the rest of the league, he’s about as average as average gets. I guess that’s not the first time that’s happened (a dude has a good report but doesn’t live up to it, I mean.), nor will it be the last.

09MAGICmccollumI’ve already bitched about how much I don’t like these particular inserts. I just realized another reason why I hate them. This insert set is mostly of football player, interspersed with a few cards celebrating historic events that happened in 1948, like this particular card. That is not why I hate them. I did not know what the McCollum v. Board of Education case entailed, so at first I figured “Well, as bad as these cards are, at least I’ll learn something.” Lo and behold when I flipped the card over I got this:

09MAGICmccollumBackReally? You’re going to make me scratch this thing off to learn what the McCollum case accomplished? Naturally, the nerdy card collector in me refuses to do, so now not only am I ignorant of the importance if the McCollum v. Board of Education case, I feel like a nerd. Thanks a lot 48 Magic insert set.

09MAGICyoungAAI always thank my lucky stars when I get one of the All-American inserts in the same group of packs as one of them 48 Magic inserts. It calms me down greatly.

09MACIGquadMiniA gallery of the mini’s I got in these 4 packs. Just seeing these lined up next to each other like this makes me think how cool it would be if all the backgrounds lined up. Then you could line up all your cards and it would look like it was one big long card. How cool would that be? God, that’s the second time in this post that I felt like a complete nerd.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Let’s go Giants. Please.

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