Why Don’t They Resurrect These?
November 18th, 2009 by slangon

About a week or so ago, I was catching up on some card related things. I happen to be filing some cards in a binder and stumbled across a few pages of 1983 Topps cards, so I just started looking through and admiring them. Then I came across my small collection of Super Veterans and I began to think about what a cool sub-set they were, and how somebody should do some of those for guys who are playing now-a-days. I figured that somebody should be me.

So I give you the 2009 SlangKo Super Veterans sub-set. Enjoy.

sv-moyersv-favresv-sheffieldSo there you have. Three old-ass dudes who managed to hang in there for a long long time. By the way, I’ve spent a large portion of my life thinking that Gary Sheffield had braces on his Future Star card. I think though he actually had teeth jewelry, or “fronts” as the kids are calling them. He’s a crazy dude. Like Lil’ John crazy.

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  1. No you were right. Sheffield had braces on his 2 front teeth.

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