Some Sunday Afternoon Foosball (Cards)
November 11th, 2012 by slangon

Come on, boys. We got the bye week coming up next week. Let’s not mosey on into it. Let’s charge into it.

(Some More) Sunday Afternoon Football (Cards)
November 4th, 2012 by slangon

Just a friendly reminder to the Giants: I know you’re record is 6-2, but this is no time to rest on your laurels. Let’s keep focused. Eye on the prize. I want to see less Larry Heaters and more Jesse Campbells out there. I hope everyone who was affected is recovering nicely from Sandy.

(Soggy) Sunday Afternoon Football (Cards)
October 28th, 2012 by slangon

Hey, Giants. You ready to play? This guy knows what I’m talking about. And everyone on the east coast, be safe. You know what I’m talking about.

Sunday Afternoon Footsball (Cards)
October 21st, 2012 by slangon

So the Giants have been playing some pretty good football as of late. Last week’s win over the 49er’s was particularly impressive because most folks didn’t seem to give them much chance against San Francisco but they ended up dominating them. This weeks matchup against the Redskins won’t exactly be a cakewalk either, what with […]

Late Sunday Afternoon Football (Cards)
October 14th, 2012 by slangon

As you may recall from my post last week, I had the opportunity to attend my first football game last Sunday. Despite the inclement weather (and man was it cold and wet) I had an absolute blast. I didn’t start off the game thinking that I would, though. If you didn’t see the game, the Giants […]

Sunday Afternoon Football (Cards)
October 7th, 2012 by slangon

After a tough loss to the Eagles last week, the Giants will be facing off against the hapless Browns. Now, I’m a little unsure as to how to feel about this. On one hand, by all accounts the Browns are pretty bad so it should be a pretty easy win for the Giants. On the […]

Sunday Night Football (Cards)
September 30th, 2012 by slangon

Although I’ve come to prefer the Giants playing Sunday afternoon football, I’ll take Sunday night over Thursday night, or Wednesday night any day. As I’ve mentioned a few times before when talking about football, although I have grown to enjoy the game and have fun rooting for the Giants, I guess because I’m not as […]

Thursday Night Foosball Cards (Whaaaa!?!?)
September 20th, 2012 by slangon

When the hell did they start playing American Football on Thursday? Did I miss something? I’ve only really been paying attention to football for a pretty short period of time, but one of the things I’ve really grown to love is the whole “Football Sunday Routine”. Wake up early and get your chores done. Stop […]

Sunday Afternoon Football Cards
September 16th, 2012 by slangon

As has been the case for the past couple of years, my Mets have turned out to be a huge disappointment. Because of that, I’ve grown to look forward more and more to football season. Of course, this year started off pretty disappointing when my New York Football Giants lost to the Cowboys in week […]

Let’s Get It On!
September 5th, 2012 by slangon

It’s been a looooonnnnng baseball season. Welcome back, pigskin.