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The Workshop

One of my favorite things is seeing how other artists and craftspeople have their work spaces set up. Sometime, I see things that others are doing and it makes me realize how much better of a way that is to work. Sometimes, it's just interesting to see someone working in a way that could never work for me. Sometimes, it's just me being nosey. Whether it's a source of inspiration or just plain voyeurism, I've always been fascinated with studios and workshops and offices. I've been lucky enough to have a space of my own that works as all three. Behold. The SlangKo Studio Workshop Main Office.

The SlangKo Workbench
These are my safety glasses. I like them because they're nerdy. I also like them because they protect my eyes.
This is an old washer tin that came from some dusty basement somewhere. I use it to hold any small parts that need saving while I'm working on a project. Plus it looks cool.
This is the old thermostat that was in my house. It has mercury in it.
I'm building a ship in a bottle. I've been building this same ship in a bottle for the last 6 years now.
A nice little hammer that is old.
My old business cards.
The Wallpaper is funny. It was here when we moved in and I just thought it was so awesome, I left it.