Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1982
July 10th, 2012 by slangon

Moving right along. 1982 marked John Stearns final go round as an All-Star. He did what he usually did at the All-Star Game. Came in to catch the bottom of the 9th. The N.L. won 4-1.

Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1980
July 10th, 2012 by slangon

The Mets were about to start another run of only sending one guy to the ASG beginning in 1980. It seems like a lot of guys would be sort of bummed out to be on a team like the Mets during the late 70’s and early 80’s. I mean, who wants to be stuck on […]

Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1979
July 10th, 2012 by slangon

Despite being a pretty terrible team at this point in their history, the Mets were actually able to send 2, count ’em 2 players to the 1979 ASG. Young Lee Mazzilli made the only All-Star appearance of his career, but he made the most of the opportunity. He entered the game in the 5th inning […]

Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1977
July 10th, 2012 by slangon

Thus starts some dark days for the New York Mets. Gone are the seasons of sending multiple players to the Mid-Summer Classic. For a while at least. John Stearns was the Mets only representative at the ASG in 1977. Tom Seaver was there based partly on his 7-3 start with the Mets, but he was […]

Mets Through the Years: Catchers
March 19th, 2012 by slangon

Being that this is the 50th Anniversary of the existence of the Mets, I’m taking a look at the guys who have played each position for the team throughout the years. In cardboard form, of course. Now, since I don’t want to sit here and scan 1,000,000 cards so that I can show every single […]

February 15th, 2012 by slangon

Days until and

Some Old School Giants
November 14th, 2010 by slangon

Today’s episode of Sunday Afternoon Football Cards is brought to us by the number 1,973. As in a couple of 1973 Topps football cards. I don’t own a whole lot of football cards in general but my collection of vintage football cards is especially low key. I have picked up a few random ones here […]

By the Numbers: Top Eleven Mets All-Stars
July 13th, 2010 by slangon

I can’t believe that the Mid-Summer Classic is upon us already. It seems crazy to me to think that it’s mid-way through the season (actually, it’s 88 games into the season, which is 54.32% though the season). I always hear people complain about the All-Star game, saying how it’s not fun to watch and it’s […]