Ding Dong…
November 5th, 2009 by slangon

The Series is over. Man, that took a long time.

It’s been a pretty busy, exciting week over here at SlangKo, Inc. Aside from the SlangKo Post Season Hootenanny finally winding down, putting the finishing touches on the cards that the winner will be getting, and trying to scan and post all the new stuff I got, I won a contest. Pretty cool.

Anyhow, let’s see where we ended up in this Post Season Hootenanny business, shall we?

Here’s the final standings, and let me tell you, it was a real barn burner.

Dan – 331
Mark from Mark’s Ephemera – 329
Nachos Grande -323
Slangon – 313
MattR – 295
Brian – 263
Mark from Stats on the Back – 238
Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame – 190
MMayes from 1972 Topps Blog – 31

So Conrats to Dan. You have won the Grand Prize package of 2010 SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond cards. You will be receiving all the cards for all 8 teams that participated in the 2009 Playoffs. Well done, sir.

And of course the final Home Run tally for the World Series was 17 taters. Brian was the closest without going over with 15, so he gets the Mystery Bonus Prize, which I will reveal at a later date.

Both of you dudes can contact me at conditionpoor[at]gmail[dot]com to get me your mailing address.

Thanks to everyone for participating. Also, I was thinking about having a similar contest next year. I would appreciate any feedback anyone has as far as what they thought worked or didn’t work with this years contest. Did you feel the points were fair? Did it last too long? Just drop me a comment if you get a chance. Thanks again.

3 Responses to “Ding Dong…”

  1. I thought the contest was great (even though I failed miserably). My fault for not choosing any Yankees haha.

  2. Thanks!! I enjoyed the contest, buy it must have been a lot to keep up with. I’m in next year for sure and I’m excited to have won the bonus prize. I’ll shoot you email when I get to real computer. Thanks again!!

  3. I’d like to appeal the Strike Out on A-Rod in the bottom of the third inning. Joe West couldn’t recognize that the ‘called’ third strike was just a bit outside the zone? Ha!

    That would give A-Rod +1 and the Phillies’ pitching staff a -1. And that would make Dan and I tied.

    Sean, I will find where you live and come and kick dirt on your shoes. If you’re not wearing any when I arrive, we’ll go down to Payless together and I’ll buy you some. Thanks for hosting this.

    Dan, I’m jealous. Really.

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