Sunday Night Football Cards
October 25th, 2009 by slangon

Here’s the other half of the blaster that I started in on last week. Hopefully this blaster got all of it’s bad luck out last week in the Giant’s crap-fest of a loss against the Saints. Actually, out of the packs I busted last week, I ended up getting a pretty good hit with that Frank Gore autograph, which I later found out is actually a short print auto. So maybe there’s some sort of inverse good luck / bad luck thing going on. Which I guess means I need to hope that I pull crap out of these last four packs? Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Again, rather than listing out all of the cards, I’ll just highlight some of the ones I find a bit more interesting.

09MAGIChixon_haganLet’s start things off with a couple of Giants. I’m not sure, but I believe that puts me down to needing 3 to have all the Giants from this set. Not a bad way to start. I think I’ve mentioned this in the past that I’m not a huge college football fan, but I must admit, I love the team names on these two cards. To me, anything with “devil” in the name is cool, especially so close to Halloween. And Zips, well, that’s just spectacularly random.

09MAGICmoss_petersonNext up, a couple of pretty good players. I think they might make something of themselves. Again, two awesome team names. Well, Thundering Herd is awesome and Sooners is just weird.

09MAGICobomanu_manningM09MAGICbrennan_jenkinsMA quartet of Mini’s. I think I already had the regular Manning card, but I always prefer mini’s. I sort of like too, that these mini’s are a size that I don’t think I had seen anywhere else. To me, it’s sort of cool to line up a Ginter mini with a Goudey mini with one of these minis. I like the variety. Also, if the first 4 cards had cool team names, Rainbow Warriors is just lame. Good thing Colt Brennan has such an awesome name to make up for it.

Now onto the inserts.

09MAGIC48duoHere we have two ’48 Magic inserts. I expressed my displeasure with this insert set last week, and I still think it’s a bad looking set and kind of dumb, but at least these are of football players, not Arthur Miller.

09MAGICfitzgeraldAAUnlike the ’48 Magic set, I think these All American inserts are the bee’s knees. They look outstanding in an old-timey way, and they make perfect sense in a set of football cards that focuses on NFL players from their college days.

Well, there we have it. There was noting to spectacular from these packs, so hopefully I didn’t steal any of the Giants mojo for this week.

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