Happy Opening Day!
March 31st, 2014 by slangon

After a long and particularly brutal winter, it’s finally here – Opening Day 2014. It just rolls off the tongue. A day of renewal. A day of hope. A day when your team is undefeated.

In honor of this happiest of days, I’ve created some custom cards of the Mets 2014 Opening Day lineup in the style of W516 strip cards. These were cards issued in the late teens through early twenties and were typically sold via nickel or penny vending machines. You plopped in your penny and a strip of cards would pop out. Kids would generally, I suppose, cut the strips into individual cards, but I opted to keep some of my Mets cards in tact.

Also, please note that although I did my best to try and anticipate the Mets Opening Day nine a week in advance to give myself some time to work on these cards, of course Chris Young wound up with a quad strain out of nowhere and Daniel Murphy went into labor (or at least his wife did). I did end up making extra cards of guys who were question marks, just in case, but I did not make and Andrew Brown card. Because it’s Andrew Brown. I’m just going to show my Chris Young card instead and pretend like nothing happened.

Enjoy and Let’s Go Mess Mets!

2014 SlangKo New York Mets Opening  Day Strip

2014 Slangko Mets Opening Day Ruben Tejada

2014 SlangKo Mets Opening Day Eric Young Jr.

2014 SlangKo Mets Opening Day Juan Lagares

2014 SlangKo Mets Opening Day Curtis Granderson

2014 SlangKo Mets Opening Day Travis d'Arnaud

2014 SlangKo Mets Opening Day David Wright

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