Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1986
July 10th, 2012 by slangon

The Mets had more All-Stars on their team than ever before in 1986. That should be no surprise, considering they would go on to win the World Series.

Doc followed his 1984 Rookie of the Year with a Cy Young in 1985. This earned him the honor of starting the ’86 All-Star Game for the N.L. He didn’t fare so well. He pitched the first 3 innings, striking out 2, but giving up a 2 run homer to Lou Whitaker.

Gary Carter joined his battery mate Gooden in the starting line up. He got 3 at-bats but grounded out and flew out twice.

Mex was also a starter for the N.L. in 1986. He actually ended up playing the entire game, but sadly took an 0-fer in his 4 at-bats.

Darryl Strawberry was the fourth Met in the starting lineup that day, playing right field. He’s also the only one of the four that seemed to have done anything. In his 2 at-bats, he singled to right.

El Fatso Sid rounded out the Mets All-Star picks that year (Ha! Get it? El Fatso Side? Rounded?). He pitched a scoreless 8th inning, but it was not without drama. He ended up striking out Brooks Jacoby, Jim Rice and Don Mattingly, but only after issuing walks to Kirby Puckett and Lloyd Moseby.

All in all, not a great All-Star game for the Champs, or the N.L. for that matter. They lost 3-2.

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