Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1972
July 9th, 2012 by slangon

The Mets were back up to 3 players on the 1972 All-Star Team.

Although I’m loathe to even suggest anything untoward about the Say Hey Kid, I kind of get the impression that his 1972 All-Star appearance might’ve been a bit more based on that fact that he’s Willie Mays than anything else. Between the Giants and Mets, he hit only .250 on the season with 8 homers and 22 RBI’s, a very un-Mays like performance. He started the game in center and went 0 for 2 with a strikeout. Which reminds me, as much as he’s driven me nuts over the years, I thought it was appropriate that Chipper Jones made the team this year, although he actually did deserve it.

Tug McGraw got his first All-Star nod in 1972. He finished the year with a 1.70 ERA and 27 saves. He pitched the 9th and 10th inning of the All-Star Game, earning the win.

Yeah. This guy again. Just his 6th All-Star appearance in as many years. Snooze. For teh second year in a row, though, he did not play.

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