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October 2nd, 2009 by slangon

This trade comes to us from Captain Canuck in the far North. I sent him some ’09 Ginter needs, and he was supposed to do the same. As you’ll see, he did that and a bit more.

What was supposed to be in the trade were these Ginters:
#50 Pat Neshek
#159 Denard Span
#170 Lance Berkman
#209 St. Patrick’s Cathedral
#214 Adam Dunn
#249 John Higby (the Yo-Yo Dude)

I won’t overload you with scans of the cards, since I’m sure everyone knows what they look like, but I just thought it was funny to look at these two cards next to each other.
09AGberkman_spanLance couldn’t look happier to be on a baseball card and Denard looks like he couldn’t care less.

More importantly, the Captain also threw in this, for my busting pleasure:
91DONRUSSPersonally, I enjoy busting open junk wax packs, and I don’t recall ever breaking a pack of ’91 Donruss, so let’s see what we got, shall we? (I only scanned the good ones, which ended up being almost the entire pack anyway.)

#442 Mel Hall – Who?
#490 Kirby Puckett – I always loved Kirby when I was a kid. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that his name was Kirby. I really bummed me out when he died. Sweet card of a HOF-er.91DONpuckett
#484 Dale Murphy – It’s funny. When I sent Captain Canuck his cards, I threw in 2 Dale Murphys. Now I get one back. Weird.91DONmurphy
#478 Greg Vaughn – I absolutely love that Brewer’s logo. I think it’s so clever. It’s a baseball glove AND it’s an M and a B. Plus Greg looks about as bad-ass as they come.91DONvaughn
#472 Ron Darling – Nice. One of my favorite Mets. I need to get me one of them pullover road jerseys.91DONdarling
#389 Fred McGriff MVP – I like these MVP cards. I think this is only my second or third one. Another HOF-er, even if it’s only according to this guy.91DONmcgriffMVP
#463 Danny Tartabull – That’s cool.
#495 Barry Bonds – I don’t really like Barry. At all. I think all his supposed “records” should be returned to their rightful owners. But what are you going to do? Even though I don’t like him, for some reason, I like getting earlier cards of him. When he wasn’t bloated.91DONbonds
#457 Tim Raines – The Rock. I like getting Expo’s cards. I believe he manages the Newark Bears these days. Maybe if he’s still there next season, I’ll swing by and try and get this bad boy signed.91DONraines
#451 Cecil Fielder – I’m sure every American League pitcher was scared of this dude back in the day. Do you think there’s any other person named Cecil that people are scared of? Another bad-ass.91DONfielder
#445 Kirk Gibson – How many bad-asses can possibly be in one pack?91DONgibson
#433 Ryne Sandberg All-Star – This is the first All-Star card I’ve gotten from this set. It’s pretty awesome that the back has their All-Star game stats from the previous year’s All-Star game. It would be cool if someone put out an All-Star subset that had the players lifetime All-Star game stats. Another HOF-er, to boot.91DONsandbergAS
#414 Tim McIntosh Rated Rookie – I wonder what Donruss’ track record is as far as Rated Rookies who actually turned out to be good?
#489 Sandy Alomar, Jr. – Aside from Sandy being a 6 time All-Star and Rookie of the Year, I love getting cards of Mets coaches from their playing days.91DONalomar
#483 Mike Scott – He used to be a Met. That’s something, right?

And of course, the obligatory puzzle piece, which this year was Willie Stargell. I’m not a big fan of these puzzle inserts to begin with, but can you imagine a crappier piece of cardboard.

Well, damn, I thought I was just getting some Ginters to cross of my list and I end up getting one of the best junk wax packs I ever opened. Thanks a ton, Cap’n.

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  1. Great pack. I would have been quite happy with that one.

  2. Fred for the Hallll!

    And yeah, pretty sweet pack. I too would have been happy with it, any pack with a McGriff is a nice pack though.

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