Cards for Customs, Part 2
October 15th, 2011 by slangon

Double timing it today. Here’s batch 2 from my latest Cards for Customs haul, and there’s some good ‘uns in there.

Michael started this one off with the second and third year cards of probably the Greatest Met Ever.

This has nothing to do with Michael and his generosity, but it always kind of irks me when card companies use the same exact crop of the same exact picture 2 years running, especially on 2 sort of iconic cards like the ’68 and ’69 Seavers (at least they’re iconic to me as a Mets fan). I’m sure no one has ever brought that up before, right?

Michael also sent along a couple of 58’s.

I was super psyched to see this card. Although I have no immediate plans to try and chase the 1958 set, it is one of my favorites from the 50’s. Also, I happen to think that the ’58 All-Star design is one of the coolest ever. On top of all that,¬†even though Johnny Temple isn’t the biggest star in the world, he was a 4 time All-Star and compiled a .284 career average, which is nothing to sneeze about. Having said all that, then I saw this card…

Johnny who?

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