“O” Yeah! It’s a Trade.
September 4th, 2011 by slangon

A while back, Ryan from “O” No! Another Orioles Blog had contacted me about having some cards from my Mets wantlist. Obviously, I’m always down to chip away at the holes in my Mets collection, so a deal was struck, cards were mailed out and delivered, despite not one, but two natural disasters taking place. The majority of the cards that he sent happened to fall into the span that I was out of collecting, the mid 90’s through the late 00’s. That actually worked out really well for me since I tend to not pay as much attention to those sets as I should considering how many cards from that period I still need. Ryan seemed pretty pleased with the cards that I sent his way, now let’s take a gander at some highlights of the cards he sent.

First off he sent me a couple of Rickeys.

Even waaaay before Rickey joined the Mets, he was always one of my favorite players. I remember almost freaking out when I heard the Mets signed him. You know, like those little girls in old footage of Beatles concerts. Back in 2003, when I got married, as part of my bachelor party, we went to a Newark Eagles minor league game and Rickey happened to be playing on the team. He actually hit a home run that day.

What would a trade with an Orioles fan be without a couple of Eddie Murray cards?

I particularly like the 1994 card because every time I look at it I keep thinking he’s calling his shot ala Babe Ruth. I guess it’s appropriate that the Mets are playing the Cubs. Of course when you look at it for more than a second, you realize that he’s really just telling the runner at second not to try and move up on a ball that kind of got away from the Cubs catcher, Rick Wilkins I believe that is.

Ryan also sent some cards that I needed for my 2011 Mets team set, which I am trying to put together without buying a single pack of 2011 Topps.

As you can see, they’re all guys who played important roles for the Mets this year. Emaus hit .162 over 14 games for them before being returned to the Blue Jays. Chris Young made 4 starts for them before blowing out his arm (although in his defense, he pitched awesomely in the those 4 starts with a 1.88 ERA and 22 K’s over 24 innings).  I guess K-Rod really did play an important role by getting traded. Now the Mets don’t have that ridiculous $17 million dollar vesting option to worry about.

How about a card of a guy who really did play a pretty key role for the Mets this year?

He stepped up pretty good when the Mets, who at the time were only about 7 games out of the Wild Card race, traded away their star closer. He only allowed 1 earned run in his first 7 appearances after Frankie Rodriguez was traded and racked up 5 saves and 1 win during that stretch. Of course it all came crashing down on August 1st when he gave up 4 runs to the Marlins in the top of the 10th inning. When he picked up his 300th save, I was kind of shocked to realize that at that point I didn’t own any Isringhausen cards as a Met and was forced to make one. Now I have this guy, though.

I also got this card.

I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say about Alex Ochoa. I just think this is a very hilarious choice of a photo to put on a baseball card.

Ryan also sent along some cards of guys who have been some of my favorite Mets from the last decade or so.

Finally, what would a Condition: Poor trade be with out some beat up vintage? Ryan also sent these three beauties my way.

I think that Bob Taylor might possibly be the Poorest of all Condition: Poor cards I ever received in a trade. Kudos to you, Ryan. I was also realizing that with the addition of these 3 cards, I’m actually only 3 cards away from completing the 1964 Mets set, which would supplant the ’69 set as my oldest complete set.

Thanks again for the great cards, Ryan.

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  1. I’m glad you like the cards! I was worried you wouldn’t like the Bob Taylor because it is in totally terrible condition.

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