Some Junk Wax Gems
August 26th, 2011 by slangon

Not that I want to keep bring up old shit, but you remember a few weeks ago when I was doing a Junk Wax Pack Clash? One of the packs that I happened to be clashing was a pack of 1989 Topps that I discovered to my horror had been opened and then taped back shut. Then I went on to rant about how ridiculous it was that someone would do that to a pack of 1989 Topps, because, after all, what are you really looking to swipe out of that pack? Probably the “best” cards in that set would be either the Randy Johnson rookie or the John Smoltz rookie. To add fuel to my argument, I pointed out that you could get both of those cards on Sportlots for 18¢ a piece. I even double checked to make sure that was true. Well, of course it was true, and since I already the Sportlots home page open, I fugured why not buy some cards.

Can you guess what the first 2 cards that went into my shopping cart were?

Yes. That is correct. I just bought rookie cards of 2 probable Hall of Famers for $0.18 a pop. I was even able to find one seller that had both of them for that cheap. I didn’t stop there, though. That same seller also had a bunch of more recent Mets cards that I needed, all for $0.18. They also had a bunch of other kind of iconic junk wax rookie and close to rookie cards, all for $0.18. Well, almost all for $0.18. There was one that was a little bit more, but not much. Well get to that later, though. For now, the cheap junk wax card Hall of Fame train is pulling out. Watch your elbows.

First, I got a couple of cards of guys who I doubt will ever see the inside of Cooperstown without buying a ticket.

Out of all the steroid-tainted players, I always had a small, small soft spot for Sammy. I think that mostly comes out of the fact that I was rooting for him back in the summer of ’98 over McGwire. The 1990 Topps design, however, I have no soft spot for. I will say that this green/red/yellow color combination seems to me to be the least offensive, I still argue that it’s Topps worst design ever.

I also picked up this ’86 Roger “The Splintered Bat Tosser” Clemens. I’m not really sure why. I kind of despise Clemens for all his alleged steroids antics and the fact that he threw a broken bat at Mike Piazza. I do however recall very much wanting this card as a kid and never being able to pull it or trade for it. I guess I was just scratching that itch.

Even with all of Manny’s shenanigans and banned substance suspensions, I still kind of like him. He was a little fascinating to watch on and off the field. I also love the Youth Service League jersey he’s rocking on this card.

Unlike the preceding 3 guys, I think Bernie will be buying a ticket to Cooperstown due to not being quite worthy rather than any steroid tainted controversy. I still thought it was cool to pick up his rookie card though just because he’s one of the few Yankees throughout time that I like.

Speaking of Yankees…

I know this isn’t Jeter’s real rookie or anything, but I liked Brandon Wilson’s shades.

I also grabbed a couple of pretty iconic Topps cards of a couple of guys who are pretty surely Hall of Fame bound.

You’ve got love a guy who’s nickname is “The Big Hurt”. I’ve always wanted this card just because I found the photograph to be weird. First of all, Frank is kneeling yet he’s almost as tall as that base runner. Secondly, he looks like he is putting absolutely no effort into this play, which could be either really cool or really douchey. Thirdly, it looks to me like he’s tagging that dude out right in the nuts. Either that or he’s cupping that dudes balls to check for a sports hernia. Overall, just a really strange picture.

This was the one card that ran me more that 18¢. It was a whopping 39¢. As much as Chipper has driven me up a wall as a fan of the Mets over the years, I have to say that this is definitely my favorite card of the bunch. It’s almost like a must have for any collector. I’d be curious to know whether or not this is the only appearance of an aluminum bat on a Topps baseball card.

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  1. Great post there! The Chipper may be the second Topps card with an aluminum bat. The other that i know of would be 1979 Topps Bruce Boisclair….i had no idea they even made aluminum bats back then.


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