Fruits of the Greatest Month: The Also-Rans
July 17th, 2011 by slangon

I know I said I was only going to show my 5 favorite cards from the swag that I landed in my best my best month ever as a collector, but there was a massive write in campaign from my readers that caused me to reverse directions. Well, 2 people left comments saying I should show them all. I actually can’t decide if they’re just being smart-asses or not, but it doesn’t take much to twist my arm into talking about cards that I love, so I’m going to show them. I’ll still go with the Top 5 format, but I’ll intersperse the 5 big guys with posts showing handfuls of the little guys. Sound good? Good.

Today we’re going to start with a couple of cards that just missed the cut for entry into the Top 5. They’re still up there amongst my favorites of the bunch, but I just liked the others a little bit better for one reason or another.

1974 Topps #608 Rookie Pitchers

This one might not necessarily qualify as one of my favorites. Not that I don’t like it, but there’s not really anything all that special about it. This one almost made the list just because it’s one of those cards that I inexplicably just could not find for a long time. I mean every time I searched for it, there was nothing, or it was insanely high priced. I know there’s a variation of this card, but even the variation is only a little higher priced than what you would expect from a 1974 multiple rookie card with no one really outstanding on it. This is not the variation. I think on the variation “Apodaca” is spelt wrong. Anyway, this one is finally in my collection. I pulled the trigger for a little bit more than I wanted to pay, just to get it over with.

1966 Topps #99 Buc Blasters

This one made it into the Also-Ran category just on it’s merits as a cool card. Normally I’m not a huge fan of the ’66 set, but I really dig this card. I guess it probably has more to do with the guys on it. Clendenon was one of the heroes of the Mets ’69 Championship so I gotta love him, and Pops has always been one of my favorite non-Mets players. I also like how Willie wears his cap underneath his batting helmet. I guess somethings never change.

1963 Topps #292 Pumpsie Green

This one is sort of a combination of the previous 2 cards as far as how it made it into this category. I’ve been looking for this card forever to no avail. Unlike the Apodaca card, I’ve seen tons of copies around, they’ve just always been un-Godly expensive. I mean, it’s not a high number, it’s not short printed (to my knowledge) and it’s not like Pumpsie Green was a huge star. Unlike the Apodaca card though, I’ve always liked this card so I didn’t mind shelling out a bit extra to finally get it. By the way, I love that the ’63 Mets had one guy named Pumpsie and another guy named Choo-Choo.

1960 Topps #345 Don Newcombe

I don’t think I need to explain this one. Don Newcombe.

And finally…

1958 Topps #474 Casey Stengel / Fred Haney All Star Managers

This one just missed the Top 5 by the least amount. It’s so awesome on so many levels. First, it’s another check on my managers wantlist. Second, it’s the Old Perfesser (even if he is wearing Yankees pinstripes). Third, although the ’58 set isn’t the most exciting as far as 50’s Topps designs, I do think it has one of the best All-Star card designs ever. Awesome.

So that’s it for the cards that just missed inclusion into the hallowed halls of the Top 5. If these didn’t make it, what treasures could lie within? Stay tuned to find out.

3 Responses to “Fruits of the Greatest Month: The Also-Rans”

  1. You were going to NOT show the ’60 Newcombe, a Pumpsie, and a Stengel card? I’m glad we brought you to your senses!

  2. That Stengel/Haney card is awesome. I agree, the ’58 All Star cards had a great design. Some day I am going to find an affordable Mantle All Star from ’58.

  3. Actually “find” should read “buy”. There are plenty around it’s just not at the top of my list quite yet.

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