Card of the Moment #74
July 29th, 2011 by slangon

Todays Card of the Moment is brought to us by the color red. Or maybe yellow. This’ll be quick.

1966 Topps #59 Cincinnati Reds Team Card

I’ve already established that I love team cards, right? And I’ve mentioned once or twice that I enjoy cards with disembodied heads, right? Well, I especially love that Topps had a stretch of years throughout the 60’s where they started to combine team cards with the same techniques used to disembody heads, buy disemboding entire teams and placing them on solid colored backgrounds. Of course that idea would come to a glorious head during the 70’s with something called Cubs team cards.

Hey look, it’s Pete Rose. I have a ’66 Pete Rose card (technically speaking).

It’s too bad there was no Major League team in Milwaukee in 1966. Or that the Major League that I speak of isn’t actually a bowling league. I feel like these guys would’ve fit in perfectly.

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  1. Those guys look more like lawn bowlers to me.

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