“Payment” from Project ’62: Part 4
July 2nd, 2011 by slangon

What better way to kick off the holiday weekend than to keep going with the stuff I got from Project ’62 for doing his custom relic card? Step into the time machine where we’ll zoom on back to 1977. Watch your arms.

I’ve always loved the legend of Dock Ellis, even if this particular card pictures him as a Yankee. Wait, the Mets just got beat by the Yankees and are playing them again today. I can have that kind of Bronx mojo on my blog. I’ll have to counter that with this other card Chris sent me.

I’d say a semi obscure insert of a Mets Hall of Fame pitcher counters whatever bad juju Dock conjures up. I actually already had this particular card/sticker, but this one is in much better condition. Maybe I’ll stick my old one on my notebook.

One thing I really like about getting cards from Chris is that I get the impression that he actually reads my blog and pays attention, I mean aside from just checking wantlists and whatnot. For instance, mere days before he contacted me to initiate this particular trade/bribe, I was showing off a ‘78 Mark Fidrych card that I got out of the quarter bin. In that post I mentioned how that was my first Fidrych card and I would like to eventually get his more iconic rookie card. Well, apparently Chris was paying attention because he included not one…

not two…

but three Bird rookies.

I don’t know if those first 2 technically count as “rookie cards” but that 3rd one sure as hell does. Awesome.

And speaking of Kelloggs…

He didn’t fail to take notice that Keith Hernandez is my favorite all-time player, and apparently did not fail to notice that I haven’t showed a Mex card on this blog in quite a spell. I really have been lax in that particular aspect of my collecting lately. I’ll have to remedy that soon. In the mean time, I’m pretty happy with this Kellogg’s craziness, even if it is Keith as a Redbird.

And speaking of craziness, let’s round out today’s edition with everybody’s favorite crazy southpaw (except for Don Zimmer).

That’s it for today. I’m off to stuff as many burgers and hot dogs into my gullet and then go swimming without waiting 45 minutes.

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