“Payment” from Project ’62: Part 1
June 27th, 2011 by slangon

Hopefully everyone saw the custom relic card that I banged out for Chris from Project 1962. Also, hopefully everyone saw the video I posted of the actual process of tearing apart the original relic card. Now it’s time to take a look at the envelope full of goodies that Chris used to entice me to undertake this, er… undertaking (not that I needed much enticing).

It was actually a kind of unexpected delivery. I forget exactly what day it was that he got in touch with me initially, but I’m pretty sure it was on the weekend. We shot a few emails and tweets back and forth hammering out the details of what needed to be done. Again, I forget exactly the particulars, but I asked him something about the card or what he wanted done to the card and was waiting to hear the answer back. Next thing I know, the next day (before I got the answer to the question) a gigantic envelope made an appearance in my mailbox. It actually took me a few minutes to realize what exactly it was because I really wasn’t expecting Chris to have sent anything out yet.

Anyway, once I did realize who it was from, I eagerly tore into it and carefully extracted 3 or 4 carefully wrapped bundles of cards, one of which contained the Hornsby card. There was also a brief note reiterating my mission and letting me know that the remainder of the contents of the envelope was my payment for said mission. I’m actually not quite sure whether to consider this payment, a trade or an out and out bribe. Either way, I got a bunch of cards and they’re all pretty cool.

Today we’ll take a peek at the more modern cards that were in that envelope, all of which happen to be Mets.

There were a few Mets from this years Heritage set, which is pretty appropriate coming from a guy whose blog name and header are dedicated to the 1962 Topps set.

Most of the cards that I own from the original 1962 Topps sets all happen to be (surprise, surprise) Mets, and many of them are shown without hats. That makes sense, since ’62 was their first year in existence so most of the players were coming from other teams. I have a good chunk of the Mets from this years Heritage set and it seems like 90% of them are depicted without hats. I find this sort of odd being that all the Mets in the set have been with the team for a while, with the exception of Terry Collins, who randomly enough is shown with a hat firmly placed upon his head. So the question becomes, did they do the no hat thing to somehow pay homage to the fact that so many Mets were shown without hats in the original, or did they just get bare head crazy? As an aside, I guess I can deal with the lack of headgear, but is it necessary that they all have those red marks on their foreheads?

Chris also sent a couple of colored parallels my way from the last few years.

I don’t think I would ever go out of my way to try and collect a parallel set, but I always like getting a stray gold border parallel every now and again. I kind of like that they’re serial numbered, although I don’t understand why Topps decided to use the cheap-ass looking stamp that they did in the 2010 set rather than the relatively nice looking ones they used in the past. I haven’t even thought about buying and 2011 Topps. Do they still use the cheap-o serial number on the gold borders, or did they go back to the nice, gold, embossed versions? Anybody?

I’m also pretty partial to the black bordered parallel. It’s pretty bad-ass looking and Murph happens to be one of my favorite players. I guess they were Wal-Mart exclusives, which would explain why I’ve never gotten any. I’m a Target guy, not a Wal-Mart guy.

He also included a triple folder from the 2003 Topps 205 set.

I actually have a few of these thanks to the box of Topps 205 that I bought last year. I really like them except for the fact that I can’t figure out how to display them. When they’re folded, they’re the same size as a regular card so I could use a 9 pocket page, but I think they look so much cooler folded out. Do they make 2.5″ x 7″ pages?

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  1. Wow, I hadn’t seem the card yet but it looks excellent! The Cubby shaped relic window really brings it all together I think.

  2. I display my 205 folders in 3-slot ”hostess panel” sized sheets, they work just fine.

  3. Awesome. Thanks for the tip.

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