Yippee. It’s the Subway Series, Game 2
May 21st, 2011 by slangon

It’s amazing what a little winning can do for your enthusiasm for a series. R.A. Dickey looked more like his old self last night, stifling the Yankees line up. He was aided in that effort by some sparkling defense by Ruben Tejada and Jose Reyes. Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner were the big heroes of the night at the plate. Although I’m still a little leery about the Mets offense as of late (they’ve only scored 7 runs in their last 4 game, but managed to win 3 of those) the pitching has been spectacular. Let’s look at some cards.

Without a doubt, the pinnacle of the Subway Series came in 2000, when, for the first time since 1956, a New York team faced a New York team in the World Series. Unfortunately for me, the Yankees defeated the Mets in 5 games to win the Championship. I guess you could argue that it really wasn’t much of a contest since that was at the height of the Bombers late 90’s/early 00’s dynasty and the Mets had somehow gotten to the biggest stage in baseball with a team that didn’t have a whole lot of star-power.

I remember losing a bet for a case of beer with my friend Ralph, who is a Yankees fan. I also remember him trying to get me to go to the ticker tape parade after the Yanks won. I had actually been to one of the previous parades for the Yankees with him a year or 2 before that, just for the sake of going. It was actually pretty fun. We both ditched work, saw the parade and then went and got out of our minds drunk. Since my Mets were the victims this time, though, I had to decline. Ralph did hook me up with a souvenir from the parade, though.

I wasn’t really able to find too much info on these over the interweb, but as far as I remember, Topps was giving them out at the parade. My friend snagged a few for himself as well as a couple for me. I think Topps also issued a special Subway Series set that you could by, but as far as I know, these cards were only given out at the parade.

Actually, from looking at the backs of these, it seems that they were actually promos for the Subway Series set. The only reference I was able to find to these cards was this eBay listing, where whoever is selling the card “hand serial #’d” it in blue sharpie.

Just a couple of interesting oddball cards. If anyone out there happens to know anything more about these things, I’m all ears.

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