Quit Breakin’ My Back Already
May 17th, 2011 by slangon

If you haven’t heard, apparently David Wright has been playing for about the past month or so with a broken back. An MRI revealed a stress fracture in his lower back that was thought to have happened during a game against the Astros on April 19.

Wright figured he did it when he dove to try and tag out Carlos Lee at third during that game. He said that afterwards his back stiffened up, then became painful and basically stayed painful.

I don’t mean to come off as a whiney Mets fan, but it seems like every time I start to even slightly feel good about this team, some crazy-ass thing happens to derail that slight positivity. I mean, the team gets off to an okay start going 3-3 on the road against the Marlins and Phillies. Then they 2-10 over their next dozen games. Then they put together a pretty nice little 6 game win streak followed up by a 1-5 stretch. Then they get their act together again, going 6-3 while winning 3 consecutive series and inching closer back to the .500 mark. During the middle of that last little stretch, they end up losing one of their best hitters to a freak infield collision. Now this. I tell you, it becomes pretty wearing after a while.

As disappointed and frustrated as I am at hearing this news, I kind of love the fact that David refuses to use this as an excuse for his poor play so far. Ain’t no broken back gonna stop him.

By the way, I know everyone is all ga-ga over Gypsy Queen these days (And truthfully, I can’t believe I haven’t bought even one pack yet. That looks like the kind of set that’s right up my alley.) but do you remember how awesome 2007 Goudey was. I blame that specific set for sucking me back into this damn hobby.

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