Blaster Schmaster: The 80’s til Now
March 9th, 2011 by slangon

On we march. This is part 2 of the cards I was able to procure from Sportlots for about the price of a blaster. As usual, I’m beginning with the most recent cards and working my way back.

First up is a couple of Ginter mini’s. Although I don’t have the inclination to put together a Dayf style Allen & Ginter mini Frankenset, I did recently get a bunch of mini sheets so I now I have a proper binder to display all my mini cards, which is one of my favorite binders to leaf through when I have nothing better to do.

First up is a Frenchy mini which came into my possession in exchange for 18 pennies. This one is actually an A&G back, which I have to admit, if I had my choice, I think I would prefer the regular back variety. I know the A&G are slightly scarcer, but at this point I’m over looking at the Old Planter’s fat little face. I’d rather see at least the limited stats on the back of the regular minis. For $0.18 though, I’m not going to get choosey.

Although the World’s Saltiest Sailors is by far a much cooler set, this is one of my favorite mini insert sets from last years A&G. This one also only set me back $0.18, so there wasn’t much thought involved in hitting the “Add to Cart” button. It’s kind of amazing how reasonable all these cards have gotten in the matter of a few months.

Next stop, 2007.

Although, I will gladly take Santana over Gomez, I kind of liked young Carlos. Of course he was just another hyped up mets outfield prospect (Hello, Lastings Milledge. Hello Fernando Martinez), but for some reason he seemed a little easier to root for. I think because he seemed goofy. I also like this particular card because I happen to be a big fan of that particular type of baseball photograph, where you get a good view of the action (or in this case not-so-much-action) but also get a good view into the dugout and a nice little chunk of the crowd. As yes. I do realize that the type of card I’m describing perfectly fits another card from the 2007 set that I don’t like in the least.

I skipped the 90’s completely and jumped straight to 1988.

This Glavine rookie is one of those cards that I sort of wanted, but not enough to ever go out of my way to get. The dude I bought the majority of these cards from was selling it for $0.18. I wasn’t going to pass it up.

Now we move onto the last of the 80’s, and one of my personal favorite sets from that decade – 1984. I’m not sure how other folks feel about this set, but I like it both for aesthetic reasons as well as personal ones. I think it’s a pretty cool looking set, and for some reason I don’t consider it quite into the junk wax era yet. I could be wrong on that. On a personal level, I like this set a whole lot because it was the first set I really remember collecting as a kid. I guess every collector probably feels that was about the first set they started in on, no matter how others may feel about it.

First is a pretty awesome looking second year card of Hall of Famer Wade Boggs. Unfortunately for me, it turned out that I already had it. I guess that’s what I get for snatching up cards all willy-nilly and not referring to the spreadsheet that I painstakingly set up cataloging all my cards so that I don’t get stuck buying cards that I already have.

Finally is a pretty awesome looking second year card of Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg. Fortunately for me, I didn’t already have this one.

So that sums up the cards I got in this bunch that are actually from the period when I was collecting. The next installment, we’ll start delving into the realm of cardboard past.

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  1. Nice stuff. Personally I like second year cards and final year cards. Love the stats on those.

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