Jumping on The 6 in 30 Bandwagon
September 9th, 2009 by slangon

So the folks over at Dinged Corners had issued a challenge a few days back. A bunch of people had taken up said challenge, and since it looked like so much fun, I thought I’d try my hand at it as well.

Here’s the basic gist of the thing: 1) Grab a binder full of cards. 2) Set the timer for 30 seconds. 3) Pick 6 cards from the binder that make you happy for whatever reason. 4) Post them up and talk about why they make you happy.

The way I have my binders organized is by year. Not that I have one binder per year, mind you. I basically started binder #1 with my oldest cards, kept going until it was full, then started binder #2. I think my first binder spans 1933 to 1981, binder two goes from 1982 to 1989, etc. Initially, since it’s my favorite binder, I was going to do binder #1, but then I figured that might be a little bit too easy. Then I started to figure it might actually end up being too hard, since there’s so many of my favorite cards in there, I would have trouble picking just 6, even if I only have 30 seconds.

So I eventually decided to go with binder #2, which spans 1982 through 1989.

Card 1: 1982 Renata Galasso ’62 Mets #31 Red Ruffing

The local card shop by me has a few boxes of cards for all the local teams, priced at $0.50 a pop, or 15 for $5.00. Usually whenever I find myself in there, I pony up a fiver and grab a handful of Mets cards. Last time I was there I picked this surly looking gentleman. I swear, I don’t know how the ’62 Mets lost 120 games with this guy as a coach. I mean, doesn’t he look like he’s pissed at the photographer for not hustling?

Card 2: 1982 Topps #465 Lee Mazzilli

82TOPPSmazzilliI’m always a fan of action shots on cards. The more actiony the better. This one is pretty damn actiony. Even if this particular play ended up in an out, you can tell Maz thought differently. Although I question Topps’ use of pink. Why wouldn’t you just use blue and orange? What are you trying to say, Topps?

Card 3: 1983 Topps #498 Wade Boggs RC

83TOPPSboggsI started collecting cards in 1984, but I seem to remember also getting a bunch of packs from ’83. I remember being super psyched to pull this card. I thought it would make me rich one day. I guess I can settle for rich in spirit.

Card 4: 1984 Topps #182 Darryl Strawberry RC

84TOPPSstrawThis is another of my prized possessions from when I was a kid. I totally remember this being a big chase card for me and all my friends. I also seem to remember being one of the last of my friends to finally pull it, which was really annoying.

Card 5: 1984 Topps #771 Billy Gardner

84TOPPSgardnerI believe I’ve mentioned this before, but some of my favorite cards happen to be team cards and managers. The gruffer looking the better. This dude looks pretty gruff. Apparently, in his playing days, his nick name was “Shotgun”. And I love the old-school Twins logo in the corner.

Card 6: 1988 Topps #4 Eddie Murray Record Breaker

88TOPPSmurrayRBI don’t know if I can really describe what it is I love about this card. I mean, just look at it. Do I really need to spell it out?

Well, there you have it folks. 6 cards that kept me entertained for 30 seconds.

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