The First Inductee into the Spam Hall of Fame
February 14th, 2011 by slangon

This idea has been rolling around my brain for a while now, and I finally was inspired to act upon it.

I’m not sure how any of your blogs are set up, nut here at Condition: Poor, we get out fair share of spam comments. As a matter of fact, since this blog started, the spam comments have outnumber the real comments by about a million to one. Fortunately, WordPress is equipped with some pretty good spam filters so I don’t really need to worry about all that fakeness too much. Every now and again, however, a real comment finds it’s way into the spam folder, so I’ll usually give it a quick once over before I empty it. In the process I end up reading one or two of the spam comments and get a little chuckle out of some of them. At some point it occurred to me to share some of them because sometimes I just can’t believe that A) someone would think that that comment would trick me into thinking they were an actual person who is actually interested in anything that goes on in this blog, and B) someone would think that that comment would drive traffic to whatever dubious website they’re trying to promote.

Anyway, it’s just some goofy stuff to pass the time and make me feel like I’m being productive without writing up a real post.

Todays S.H.O.F. inductee is Backlinks, who writes:

The first comment that Backlinks left needs no explanation as to it’s awesomeness. I thought it was extra hilarious that they also basically left a translation for all our caucasian friends, under the pseudonym “Buy Links”. Way to expand your audience, Backlinks/ Buy Links.

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