Keith Hernandez’s Used Clothes
September 8th, 2009 by slangon

Does it sort of bother anyone else out there to think that all this chasing after relic cards is basically chasing after another man’s used clothes? Funny how marketing can totally change one’s perspective of things, innit?

I’m almost done with getting my most recent acquisitions posted. After this, I just have one more trade, which is my favorite one, which is why I was saving it for last.

So, without further ado, I give you…

keith_jersey2005 SP Legendary Cuts Classic Careers Materials Gold, #KH Keith Hernandez Jersey, 03/75

It’s been so long between the time I won this and now that I honestly don’t remember how much I won it for, except I know it was under $5 with shipping. I believe I’ve explained before that Mex is my all-time favorite player, so I’m sure everyone out there can relate to the joy of getting a jersey relic of your all-time favorite player. There’s also a couple of things about this particular card that make me like it even more.

First off, if you’re going to get a jersey card, there’s nothing more boring to me than getting a solid white patch. I’d much rather have a solid road gray piece than that, but that’s just me. Fortunatly, this card has a nice pinstripe that’s almost vertical and almost dead center. It seems to me that those things are very important to relic connoisseurs, but this is good enough for me.

Another sort of odd thing I like about this card is that they make mention of Keith’s 11 straight Gold Gloves. I for one happen to highly value a player’s defensive ability as well as his offensive skills. Fortunatly, Mr. Hernandez was skilled in both areas, but it’s always nice to see a card call out something as impressive as 11 straight Gold Gloves.

And as an added bonus on this post, I give you this:

keith_bat2002 Topps Gold Label MLB Awards Ceremony Relics Gold #KH Keith Hernandez MVP Bat

This was a card I got back in June, but never posted about, I guess because this blog did not exist back then. My wife actually got it for me for my birthday, which impressed me quite a bit. I guess she really does listen when I talk about dumb boy things, like baseball and cards. I would’ve preferred Keith as a Met, but come on, this is prime late-70’s Keith. The powder blue uniform, the hair, the ‘stache. Sweet.

Interesting sidenote: if you have a bat relic from an old timer, you should compare it to a bat relic from a current player. It’s an interesting comparison of how much tighter wood was back then, and I think does a lot to explain the plethora of broken bats these days.

And by the way, the game on Sunday was awesome. I’ll describe the trip a bit more once I get the pictures downloaded.

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