Are You Ready for Even Some More Playoff Football?
January 23rd, 2011 by slangon

Today’s the big day. Four teams enter, 2 teams leave. Whatever 2 teams come out on top today will end up in the Super Bowl. Hooray for them. In honor of that, I leave you with an old football card.

1962 Topps #91 Jerry Reichow

I haven’t really been interested in football cards for long enough that I necessarily have a favorite design, but I think the 1962 design is about as close to a favorite that I have. I guess they kind of remind me a lot of the 1960 baseball design, what with the large color close-up and the smaller black and white action shot. The football card gets extra points for actually having an action shot, though, as compared to the baseball cards posed shot. I really like the basic geometricness of the layout combined with the black borders. It’s a very cool looking card, and one of the few Topps designs that I can think of that actually look similar to a lot of the cool, modern slick looking design that was going on back in the 1960’s. I can easily see this design being translated into a movie poster or magazine layout.

I picked this up a while back off of (surprise, surprise) Sportlots for about half a buck or so, mostly because I’ve wanted at least one card from this set for quite a spell now. It wasn’t until after I got it that I found out (at least according to COMC) that it was a short print.

You’ll notice that the spelling of Jerry’s name does not match up from the front of the card to the back. Judging from the interweb searches that I’ve done, it seems that the back is the correct spelling. I wonder if nobody caught that, or if was a case of they didn’t know if his name was spelt “Riechow” or “Reichow” so they just tried both, figuring it would be correct on at least one side. Seems like a silly was to design cards, if you ask me.

Another thing I enjoy about the back of this card is the variety of different types of noses present among the players depicted in the cartoon.

Well, that’s about it for old Jerry. I apologize if this post seems hastily thrown together, but it was. I’m trying to get this done and put together a crib before the games start and I figured it would be better to cut corners on writing this post than it would on putting together the crib.

Anyway, enjoy the games everyone and Lets Go Jets!

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