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September 4th, 2009 by slangon

Again, just trying to play catch up. This edition brought to you by Night Owl.

#65 Dexter Fowler RC – See kids, this is why you should regularly update your trade pages.

#77 Francisco Liriano

#89 Elvis Andrus RC – See comment about Dexter Fowler.

#94 Paul Maholm
09AGpennington#97 Art Pennington – I know this comment isn’t ground breaking or new, but I really love that Topps decided to include these Negro Leaguer’s in the Ginter set, especially since they seem to have picked guys who don’t normally get much love. I would love to see someone do a whole set of them.
09AGyoukilis#110 Kevin Youkilis – I’m by no means a Sox fan, but I don’t quite get why people other than Red Sox fans seem to hate this guy. How could you hate that mustache?

#134 Jered Weaver – I know this is a messed up thing to say, but I hate Jered Weaver strictly based on his his hair.

#152 Phil Coke RC

#184 Chris Young
09AGvangogh#238 Vincent Van Gogh – Ever since I was a tyke, I’ve liked art, and Vinny here has always been my all time favorite artist. So getting a Vincent Van Gogh baseball card is like pulling a Ruth or a Mantle to me. But if anyone want to trade me a Ruth or a Mantle for this Van Gogh, I guess I’d listen to any reasonable offers.

#253 Miguel Cabrera

#262 Magglio Ordonez
09AGryan#320 B.J. Ryan SP – The first of three SP’s Night Owl sent along.

09AGbutler#337 Billy Butler SP
09AGgonzalez#341 Edgar Gonzalez – I’m always glad to be able to cross short prints off my list, but I swear, how the hell do card companies go about deciding who is going to be short printed and who isn’t? I feel like a majority of the SP from this year’s Ginter set and even the Topps Heritage set tend to be guys like this. I guess it’s Topps way of trying to get people to be a little excited about pulling an Edgar Gonzalez card.

And finally, we have a quartet of National Pride cards…
09AGposadaNP#NP15 Jorge Posada – Do the Yankees have it written into their corporate by-laws that they always need to have an all-star catcher with really big ears? Seriously.

09AGzambranpNP#NP54 Carlos Zambrano – The only thing I love more that dominant pitchers is crazy-ass dominant pitchers.

09AGvolquezNP#NP56 Edinson Volquez – The only thing I can think to say about this guy is that he really throws me off the way he spells his first name. Get it?

09AGcabreraNP#NP59 Miguel Cabrera – Cabrera is one of those guys that I don’t understand why more people don’t talk about. Admittedly, since he moved on to Detroit, I never really follow him, but when he was with Florida, in the same division as the Mets, I had a serious love/hate thing with him. The Mets fan in me hated him, but the baseball fan in me loved him.

So there we have it. Another successful trade completed and reported. Thanks again, Night Owl.

I still have a few trades and eBay scores to post up here, as well as work to so on the SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond set. Thanks goodness for the long weekend coming up.

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